Lateral and Vertical Collaboration Essay

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Lateral and Vertical Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are both essential elements in an organization’s strategic objectives, daily functionalities, and their ability to gain a competitive advantage. Kudler Fine Foods’ ability to communicate closely together as well as collaborate in their operative functions are impressive; however, an action plan that focuses on improving communication, along with lateral and vertical collaboration within Kudler’s employees would prove to be beneficial to the success of the company. Benefits that Kudler could obtain are the elimination of errors or mistakes that occur because of the lack of communication between Kudler’s Administrative departments, store managers, department managers, and hourly employees; an increase in response time; more effective inventory control; a greater satisfaction among Kudler’s employees and customers. As stated, lateral and vertical collaboration are forms of communication and collaboration that can help Kudler Fine Foods improve their communication efforts, which in turn will improve their company as a whole. Communication and information sharing between all levels of a company’s hierarchy is called lateral collaboration. Kudler Fine Food’s intranet technology allows store mangers and department managers, along with all of the administrative department staff the ability to view all of the company’s operational information that helps in making strategic or even routine daily decisions regarding the business. Kudler’s Point of Sale Module (POS) also conveys valuable information on a daily basis. In regards to Kudler’s technological systems, information sharing is excellent because of the ability to view the company’s important information anytime by any of Kudler’s management staff. The ability to handle real time problems and issues that need immediate attention are available through this technology. This allows the ability to collaborate with the different departments and their…

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