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Kite Flying and Management Lessons

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Essay, Pages 4 (798 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (798 words)

Business/management and kite flying cannot be learned with a text book in rant of you, they are to be learned practically and the person carrying out the same should have the particular skills and ability. From each stage of kite flying a business/management aspect Is to be learned, from deciding which business to carry out till the end of the business each stage symbolizes stage of business. The first stage in kite flying Is to choose, we have to choose our kite and we have to choose our string.

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We cannot Just see and choose these things, we have to thoroughly inspect it and check it before buying them. Business aspect of this stage is that first e have to know our own skills and capabilities and then choose the business which Is best suitable for us. After choosing we have to thoroughly check that particular field in the market, we have to inspect the current and future position of the particular field we want to go to.

If we miss to pay attention on this stage and if the selection of our kite and string Is not proper then we might face a problem while flying the kite.

In the same way If our Interest and skills don’t match with our field of business then the business want live for a longer period and even if we miss to figure UT the future position of our business field then it would lead to a downfall in the business.

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The second stage in kite flying is to prepare, we have to prepare for kite flying. Preparation involves tying of knot to the kite, to select the place to fly the kite and to decide whom to fly the kite with.

This Is the final step before flying the kite If we miss to pay attention on this step then we miss on the base of kite flying which would be 1 OFF that we have to set up a good base of the business before starting with it, we have to Lana the whole business before we start it, we have to select the most appropriate place for carrying out the business, we would have to make up a trust able team that would together carry out the business, we would have to estimate the cost before setting up the business.

In all we would have to prepare a whole business plan before starting up with the business. If we make a mistake in this crucial step then further expansion of the business could lead to lot of problems in the future. The third stage is to actually fly the kite, this is the most difficult stage of kite flying. In tie flying mostly two people are required one who flies the kite and the other is the one who manages the string. Both have to coordinate with each other in order to facilitate flying of the kite.

The business aspect of this stage is that there are two main bodies involved one is the entrepreneur and other are the departments of the business such as marketing department and production department. They have to coordinate with each other in order to facilitate the working of the business. Initially when we start flying the kite we would face a lot of difficulties, difficulties like the kite isn’t able to take off well, or the wind is not blowing well, or it is getting stuck and torn due to obstacles coming in the way.

Business aspect of this stage is that during the starting of the business it wouldn’t flourish as much as we expect and the difficulties and obstacles in our way would be more than we expect. But these struggles and difficulties only give us a chance to soar higher and achieve our goals all we need to do is hold on and make the best of the moment with a lot of efforts. The forth step is about balancing, after the kite gets to a certain height we have to aka sure that it remains there and doesn’t fall or get cut.

We have to be aware about the people who are coming to cut our kite, our strategy should be good enough to not let our kite get cut and instead cut theirs. The business aspect of this stage is that when we enter in the business their would be many competitors who would try to pull us down and go ahead of us, we should develop such a strategy that we maintain our position and be alert xx about the actions of what our competitors are doing. Torn or get cut. We would lose the kite, the string and all the efforts that we had made o make the kite reach at such high altitude.

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