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Positioning refers to the process of establishing the offer and image of the organization to occupy a clear, distinctive place within the minds of the consumers relative to competing products. This strategy can maximize the company's potential benefits and beat the competition. The company will select one or two important area to focus on and stand out in these areas. For KFC, they focus on pure and fresh food. An effective positioning strategy considers the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, the needs of the customers and the position of competitors

KFC's secret recipe of its fried chicken includes blends of 11 herbs and spices, it's great tasting chicken, chicken wings and chicken bucket was attract most Malaysian citizen and became popularly amongst them.

KFC provide broad menu with many options for customers and now even Vegetarian food items have been added in order to meet the demand of the health-conscious people, these are effective to increasing its customer base and sales volume.

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In Malaysia, as an Islamic country, the chicken served is halal and the halal food products are perceived to be hygienic and healthy. KFC emphasize on how their meals meet the changing tastes and preferences of the markets they serve; so far they can capture the global market. On a global scale, except some side dishes tailored to the taste and preference of the locals, the size, food appearance, smell and taste, food ingredients, nutrition and assortment all tend to be consistent. In addition, by aligning with local raw material suppliers, this helps KFC offer fried chicken in various forms.

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For example in Malaysia, KFC provided Nasi Lemak, Nasi Lemak wrap and Rendang chicken.

Price is determined according to the costs of the raw materials and policies of the local government. KFC adopt different pricing strategies to target middle and upper middle class customer. Offer different price to different classes in order to attract all classes of people. This is actually create economic convenient for the customers. KFC use optional pricing try to increase the amount customers spend, as known as up selling. Optional ‘extras' will increase the overall price of the product or service. In KFC case, when customers buy the main items, drinks or desserts served as ‘extra option' which paired well with the main items they purchased. In addition, KFC also implement bundle pricing, they bundle different products and offers them to customers at a lower price. In Malaysia, KFC provide super jimat box, lunch & dinner treats. These pricing strategies are especially profitable in price-sensitive markets such as Malaysia and India.

KFC is the world's 2nd largest restaurant chain with more than 20,000+ outlets in 150+ countries worldwide which shows its strong place strategy in its marketing mix., customers can visit these outlets and enjoy their products. There are currently over 600 KFC outlet in Malaysia, KFC also the market leader in the fast-food industry of Malaysia and they control more than 60% fast food market share in Malaysia. Since KFC focus on family consumption, they create a warm dining environment. Besides that, KFC outlet provides delivery services. The customer can order food online through the KFC website or through food ordering apps that KFC has partnered with (food panda, grab food), their food will delivered to their office or home. In this busy lifestyle, customers will feel very convenience which can save time and get the food easily. In Malaysia, there is a minimum order requirement for KFC delivery which is RM 15 excluding delivery charges and the delivery charges are RM4. KFC placing itself close to schools, colleges, cinemas, which mostly gathered young people and hurrying people, KFC enjoy a large number of customers every day.

Promotions are a way for organizations to make a specific category of people more aware of their new products. The type of promotion used by KFC were advertising, sales promotion, public relations, events and experiences and even coupons, discount and bundled packages and sponsorship. KFC using reminder advertisements stimulates repeat purchases of its products. The KFC advertisements appear in print and broadcast media. Print media such as newspapers and magazines showcase KFC offerings, special offers and prices in an attractive way. It is famous for its taglines 'Finger Licking Good' is a frequent announcement on televisions, billboards, flyers and radio. All KFC outlets offer its customers various forms of incentives to buy its Chicken. For example, using coupons that one can acquire after spending a particular amount over a period of fixed time, customers can enjoy the benefits of free meals or free add-ons.

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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