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On review of your article ‘'I won't let my children play with friends that I deem beneath them... that's what caring mothers do': Apprentice star admits she targets playmates who are a good influence’ I was shocked to see that you judge children! Not only are you judging children who are too young to even acknowledge their actions but you go as far as to even judge them on the names they have. Children are given names by their parents and therefore have no control of it, you claim that children with Victorian sounding names have smarter parents therefore smarter kids however even a child that has been brought up in a bad environment can flourish at a school where their education is valued.

Later on, you state ‘Similarly, I make a mental note when Poppy and India tell me that a particular child - let's call him Peter - is always late for school. ‘ here you judge a child without even knowing their situation even though they could have a medical condition or have a special medical need that requires some time to be attended to.

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As well as this they might even be in Gifted & Talented and be needing more attention than your daughters who may not be as gifted therefore could be a good impact on your children. You then also say ‘If his parents can't be bothered to get him into class on time, they clearly don't care about the education of their child - and, worse still, are hindering the learning of others.

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My girls are as frustrated with this continual tardiness as I am. Is it beyond the wit of a parent to get their child to school on time?’ First of all you don’t even know the situation of the family they could be in a state of poverty and might not be able to drive to school they would have to walk.

As Peter is growing it would be bad to get him to wake up at 5 so he can get to school on time when he catch up on everything he missed after school without it affecting him. After this you say ‘When I hear my daughters talking about children who have all the latest gadgets - whether it's an iPhone or iPad - I'm instantly on my guard because they definitely won't have time to devote to homework. As a result, I will discourage any friendship.’ This is beyond serious as you now begin to judge children on their wealth and status. Yes, it may affect them not being able to do their homework however such an upstanding member of the community and budding mother such as yourself must know that you could simply control their use of these gadgets until they have finished their homework.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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