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To establish positive and productive relationships with families To establish positive and productive relationships with families I try to make sure I keep an open, honest relationship with them. I feel its important to have my parents feel that they can trust me. I also feel its important they know I have the best interest of their child in mind. Parents need to feel that they are being listened to and that we care enough to work with them in regards to their child’s wellbeing.

CG 4.1 Keeping Families Informed In my center it’s a priority to make sure we are keeping all families informed of all the things that we as a center do as well as their individual child’s daily activities. I would have a welcome packet that includes contact information as well as center information. This would include information such as teacher profiles, center policies etc. I will make it a point to get to know each parent and to establish an open dialect.

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I would have information as to how they can contact me to discuss any concerns they may have as well as just general information we just share on a daily basis. We would have a monthly newsletter and calendar with center activities on it as well as weekly information in the entry way to remind them of any upcoming events we may have. There will also be daily communication sheets provided for each child describing what their child did throughout the day.

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Parents will know that they are welcome to stop in or call at any time to check on their child’s day.

CG 4.2 Teaching Practices I believe that by having open conversations with my families they start to trust and with that we have conversations about not only their child but also our own lives outside of the center. Knowing that maybe one parent might be out of town is good information to have. This helps us understand why a child may be having a change in behavior. I will make sure I know the children in my care well enough to notice changes and having a good parent relationship’s will allow me to communicate with them and find out if they notice the changes as well and to see if they have ideas as to why.

If it’s not a typical reason we would expect to see a change in behavior from we can then work together to see if we can’t figure it out and come up with a plan that will help meet that child’s individual needs. There will be a communication sheet written out daily that will highlight their child’s day and at pick up we can then discuss why their child may have had a more difficult day or even the opposite that their child was really happy. We may find out that they have family visiting that the child loves to be around or that Daddy has been out of town for a few days. These are both good reasons to see a change in a child’s normal behavior. Communication is very important in keeping good relationships going.

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Kari Charboneau Competency Statement

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