Indulging in Sweet Pleasures: Why German Chocolate Cake is My Favorite

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If you asked what my favorite food would be, I would ask could I possibly choose a dessert, because my favorite food no matter what will always be something that’s rich in sweetness in flavor. It has to be filled with sugary goodness and gooey chocolate centers also it has to make me savor each bite as if it were my last. If you would give me the choice I’d certainly pick German Chocolate Cake, for multiple reasons including the ones listed above, like it satisfies my sweet tooth and it’s sinfully delicious.

Can I introduce you to him? No, not with your fork but with your undivided attention even though your thoughts may sway unto uncomfortable lines for him. First I would like to share a bit of history on the birth of a dessert such as German Chocolate Cake. It goes way back to the 1800s and that seems like a long time but it is possibly just 200 years back from where we are today.

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Contrary to belief of others, German Chocolate cake did not originate from Germany.

Its roots started back in 1852 when American Sam German developed a type of dark baking chocolate for the American Baker’s Chocolate Company. It all started when a man decided to create chocolate that you could use for baking purposes and it’s still here today helping create delicious desserts to enjoy from your local bakery or the comfort of your own home. Secondly, I became hooked on not only the intriguing display of the chocolate layered cake but the ingredients once I had taken that first bite of Heaven.

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An appetizing treat to the senses like the enticing aroma it permeates as you finish baking it, tender feeing of moist cake dissolving on your tongue, and its heavenly chocolate-y icing to lick off your fingers. The smell of the cake is enchanting and reminds you of everything sweet. Its sent just pulls you in and takes over your senses when you smell the delight of chocolate cake and frosting. Nonetheless, the taste and texture of the cake are what definitely keeps you interested.

The texture can be described as light and simply fluffy in the inside and creamy from the outside with maybe a few lumps and other treats to snack on putting those together makes your senses overload out of control. Most cakes are described like such but German Chocolate has many different toppings like coconut for instance with its rough yet smooth feel and cherries with their plump bodies all round and sweet from inside out also a crunchy, tangy twist added with the infamous pecan.

Now for the taste you would be surprised how many people change up their recipes but the original is at its best in flavor. It is exquisite and delightful in so many ways with its amazing center of fluff and creamy cocoa icing littered with coconut and cherries for decoration in addition to its tantalizing essence. In conclusion, I would like to end my little discussion about one of my lose friends because right now I am going to join him for some dessert.

Another fact that I may have left out about my ‘German’ friend is that his icing is very interesting becoming very deliciously thick and velvety with its help of few delectable ingredients such as evaporated milk, pecans, and coconut. The German Chocolate cake, my favorite dessert, is my best friend and no other dessert can take its place not even if it disguised itself with coconuts or layers of chocolate. A beautiful sight to behold when you create an image of Heaven out of cake. Now your time is up and I really have to go but next time maybe I’ll be able to share more than yummy details.

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Indulging in Sweet Pleasures: Why German Chocolate Cake is My Favorite
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