Job Satisfaction among Employees

Focusing on staff work and core organizational objects does not complete HR Managers job. They have to look deeply towards the environmental change happening in the industry, in terms of its effects on employee’s attitude and work atmosphere with that workers are required to do their assigned tasks efficiently. Jackson & Schuler also link environment of an organization with the managing human resources: It is quite evident that HR mangers, who have good eyes on environmental change and its potential effects on employees, can deal with these situations easily without putting them in trouble.

(1995) Creating job satisfaction among employees is one of the biggest challenges for HR mangers; impact of job satisfaction on employees is one of the important measurable variables towards their interest to work. It is very important for mangers to find out level of job satisfaction of employee as it is completely linked with their performance. “The favorable work process is totally depending upon the implications of Human Resources Management.

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” (Holtbrugge, et al. , 2006, pp. 306-312)

Occasional briefings relating to job satisfaction are extensively reported in the existing organizational attitude literature. By doing the same, job structure has become a most enveloping and leading strategy for inspiring the level of employee affective reply. It is a general theory that context of the task related to job dissatisfaction, whereas, the contents of work belonged to job satisfaction. The relationship between the present task theory and the work context, produce a surplus literature. Performance Management

Performance management is also one of the jobs of HR mangers, with technological advancement and development of performance management tools, now this job is more becoming a serious challenge for HR managers.

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Performance Management has to be one of the important tools of HR manager, which should be utilized in am efficient and effective manner. Joan Dean states that management should have predefined standards to achieve targets of individuals, followed by better thoughtful ways to make their performance accordingly. (2002) Employee Performance

Conventional performance management approaches are followed by several organizations based on their nature of businesses and sizes. If employee X and employee Y do their jobs, the association will, as a whole carry out its aims and targets. It also deals employees as autonomous that are the performance of employees X does not collision with employee Y. A little consideration of the issue enables us to get the conclusion that the execution is not preservative, and a amount of the factors that impress an individual efficiency are not handled directly by the staff members.

We are commencing to comprehend that performance is appeared due to the result of work system, and all its components, not just every individual employee. Employees impress each other's capabilities to do their single job projects. One bad fish can spoil the environment of the whole pond; similarly a bad employee can actually affect on many others, whereas a nice employee may not only act his/her own work, but also make a helpful hand to the others.

The success of work depends upon the attitude towards argument, disagreement or disliking regarding at one’s job premises or at home. When the rules of communication would be learnt that how should argue and fight fairly, the positive difference can be seen in the relationships and others recognize the same in a friendly manner. “Similarly, without an effective performance management system, organizations and individual employees would have no way of knowing how well they were doing or where improvements might be needed.

” (Sims, 2002, p. 197) It is even more significant if there is an appropriate association between supervisor or manager and staff member to increase efficiency and develop teamwork. One way of imagining this is that as the staff member works for the boss, the boss also works for them. In realistic terms, that possibly mean creating and getting resources so the employee can be successful, driving out barriers, treating troubles directly handled by the boss but not influence-able by employee, etc. It is called bi-directional influence.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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