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Experience of living in cold climate

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“It is too difficult to get used to live in snowy, and cold place”. I have come from a place where it’s hard to hide from the sun heat. Too difficult to find a shadow to run from the sunshine. Also, the sweat all over my body which feels like drowning in boiling water. My feet turning into red, and burned from walking. In one day, I found myself in a different world. An isolated small city in the middle of nowhere.

The houses are covered in white. frozen trees with no leaves. When the sun rise, everyone gets busy, traffic on the road, and people walking on the side. On the other hand, everybody disappeared at night. The city gets silent, the wind gets stronger, and some spooky sounds get higher. Personally, I hate living in a place where I wear too many clothes, walk in snow, feel the weather.

Putting on too many clothes makes me an uncomfortable.

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Unfortunately, I have to wear cardigan with a coat on top of it, which makes every part of my body itchy. In addition, I feel like I’m wrapped in a heavy piece of cloth. It’s hard to breathe, like it suffocates me. Getting sweat all over my body which makes me smell like a corpse. Looking big like I gained double my weight. Moving slowly like I’m chained.

Many people say walking in the snow is easy. In my opinion, it is hard, and it is something we need to learn and master.

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However, while I was walking I could feel the mud is holding me like it’s sucking me into the ground. I could see the dirt covering my shoes. Also, I hate it when the snow gets in my shoe, it’s like drops of lava burning my feet. After a while, I slipped in black ice. I totally lost my balance, and I felt like I’m flying. In that moment, I was scared, nervous, and surprised. Somehow, I did not fall, I could handle myself and stand on my feet. I was relieved because I know how much that would hurt in this kind of weather.

In that day, it was almost blowing a gale. Anyway, I found an ally that could take me home faster, but it was spooky. I could hear the wind is howling, and it was kind of dark. As a matter of fact, I went through that way. The wind was blowing on me. I felt like it’s pushing me back. The cold has numbed all of my senses. My mouth got dry which makes me breath hardly. I could not feel my hand, like it’s been chopped. Somehow, my face was freezing, and burning at the same time. I covered half of my face with my coat, but still I could feel the wind going through the cloth on my face. Shortly, I was relieved when I arrived home.

As a result, I decided to save money, so I can buy a car. I would rather be living in the middle of a desert than living in cold, and snowy place. I tried to get used to it, but I could not stand wearing a lot cloth, walking in snow, and feeling the clod weather. On the other hand, I am grateful for this opportunity because it was new experience for me. I have learned and seen new things. For example, I have met nice people who are positive. Also, I have learned about new culture, and new lifestyle.

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