Is the America Jury System still a Good Idea? Essay

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Is the America Jury System still a Good Idea?

Countries that have never had a jury system, or have had one in the past, have turned to citizens to decide criminal cases. The jury system could be helpful, but it can also be a huge problem in a serious case. A Jury is a group of citizens which hears the testimony in legal disputes and determines what it believes is the truth. Jury trials should remain an option. Without Juries in my opinion it would be totally unfair to go off of what one person thinks. There are 3 main reasons why the jury system should remain an option. The jury system could be helpful in very difficult cases. One reason why jury trials should remain an options is it helps promotes civic virtues. Civic virtue is morality or a standard of righteous behavior in relationship to a citizen’s involvement in society. The jury system helps citizens get involved with the community.

Another reason why jury trials should remain options is that it lets citizens participate in judicial branch. Serving on a jury allows you to become better informed about your courts and the laws. The jury system helps you understand your rights also. By being on jury you are extending you knowledge while helping the judge find out the truth.

Finally a third reason why the jury system is still a good idea is because it usually works. During deliberation the jurors are usually doing what they supposed to do by gathering the evidence in the case it helps to let an innocent person go or a guilty person pay. Because a jury consists of multiple people from diverse backgrounds, it can arrive at a better verdict than can one person acting alone.

It is true that one could make a reasonable argument that’s jury trials is no longer a good idea. Due to the lack of attention that’s actually paid by the jurors, any might say it’s pointless. However the opposite case is stronger America jury system is still a good ideas, just because some people don’t actually play their part in the jury some others do and those others that do are helping America.

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