Is Life Without Modern Technology Possible

Over the course of several years, we as humans have revolutionized the way we live through a tremendous amount of technological advancements. Schools have quickly updated their ways of education through modern technology, As technology improves during the years, it quickly becomes a part of our everyday life. Whether it be writing a paper for a class or texting a friend you haven’t heard from, we use technology for nearly everything In today’s society. Humanity has become overly dependent of modern technology, which eventually will pay a price on our social relationships and physical health.

Many people believe that life without modern technology isn’t possible because of how often we use it. With our smartphones, we have access to essentially a whole different world right at our fingertips. For several people, the presence of technology brings them happiness, without it sadness. Equipment used in schools, hospitals, navigation systems and more would not be able to be used. In addition, without modern technology numerous treatments and operations executed by doctors wouldn’t be able to be completed.

According to an article, “With new medical alert devices, seniors can also get help at the push of a button and keep in touch with loved ones no matter where they are in the world.” (“Technology In Our Life,” 2019). Because of these advancements, people can feel overwhelmed trying to learn how to use them, but these devices are programmed to be learned quickly with just a little bit of instruction and practice.

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Furthermore, without computers, the internet or smartphones a majority of our communication will disappear. This would end interactions with countries all over the world plus people wouldn’t be able to communicate with their loved ones. Due to modern technology, life has been extremely simplified but has also deprived our will to learn new things. Before Google was invented, you had to search through an entire dictionary in order to find the meaning of a word. Nowadays, we can easily make a quick internet search and have results in less than a couple of seconds. Technology has improved and enhanced the life of millions of people, which makes it nearly impossible to imagine life without it.

Although many people believe life without modern technology isn’t possible, we can start to limit some of the technology we use every day. We stare at different screens all day which in fact does progressively impact our health. For example, schools have been modernizing classrooms with projectors or even smart boards which strains our eyes immensely. According to a study, “When it comes to protecting children’s eyes and vision, encourage them to take frequent visual breaks by practicing the 20-20-20 rule: when using technology or doing near work, take a 20-second break, every 20 minutes and view something 20 feet away.” (“The 21st Century Child,” n.d.). These electronics produce high energy wavelengths and extremely bright colors that can in the long run prematurely age the eyes. This is a great strategy to start balancing our time looking at screens to better our health. In addition, research has proven that over usage of technology can cause mental problems so severely that a new form of stress has developed called “Chronic Smartphone Stress”. According to a source, “It is caused by notifications and constant anticipation of a message or e-mail. If a person doesn’t get enough attention, this can make you feel stressed or even depressed. Excessive information space, exaggerated online reality, internet overuse, and social comparison are all factors potentially provoking depressive behavior.” (“Negative Effects Of Technology,” 2019). Most children would rather play on a mobile device rather than going outside and getting some fresh air and exercise. In short, we need to start limiting the amount of hours spent looking at a screen because eventually we will have to pay the price for it and suffer the consequences.

While some people believe that technology is far too advanced and we can’t live without it, numerous people believe that we can still live without it. During the medieval ages, technology was rarely used only for weapons and agriculture. People struggled to make a living and stay healthy because of how expensive medicine was. Disease were spreading and eventually killed off millions of people because of our lack of knowledge, medicine, and technology. We have the ability to change society by limiting our use of technology and social media because of how quickly it is deteriorating our culture. Kids are becoming overly addicted to their smartphones and browsing the internet, hence why we must shy away from it. People should start to create lists of activities and fun things to do while they’re bored because when we’re bored we usually check our cell phones to pass time. According to a study, “If your first impulse when you get a quiet moment is to reach for your device, remind yourself of other things you could be doing instead that would be more meaningful and relaxing: taking a walk, writing a love note with paper and pen, dancing to your favorite song, doing a few stretches, meditating for 10 minutes.” (Braff, 2016). This can apply to almost everybody because of how much were around technology. If we start implanting this into society and start taking it seriously, we can create a massive change in our society. In essence, we have the ability to stop the over usage of technology by taking action when we’re bored or have some free time.

All things considered, society has become overly dependent of modern technology, which could potentially pay a price on our social relationships. Some believe that life isn’t possible without these technological devices, while others believe that it should be limited. Parents and users should limit their time spent looking at their screens because it can have some serious effects in the long run. Schools should also implement the 20-20-20 rule to stop straining their eyes and help them concentrate better. Finally, life without modern technology is possible, and we need to start with limiting our screen on time.

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