Is Graffiti Art or Illegal?

Graffiti can be under bridges or on the property to display art to the public. Graffiti is writing on a wall or another surface that is out to the public eye Graffiti should be legal. “The first drawings on walls appeared in caves thousands of years ago. Later the Ancient Romans and Greeks wrote their names and protest poems on buildings. Modern graffiti seems to have appeared in Philadelphia in the early 1960s, and by the late sixties it had reached New York.

”(The history of graffiti)

“Graffiti, to me, is art. Art is expressed and shown in many forms like singing, dancing, drawing, and writing. We all see art differently. My creativity makes me see a simple line as a work of art, while someone who isn’t creatively inclined might just see the line as property damage.”(Legal or illegal, graffiti is art) This means that some people like me think that graffiti is an art and not just property damage.

“Oscar Wilde said, “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” (Legal or illegal, graffiti is art)Graffiti is still art and even though it is outlawed it is still art.

You might be thinking so what, Graffiti is still illegal and it should be but just hold on to your seat.“ Graffiti is a way to express oneself. Graffiti can turn a boring old brick wall into a piece of art as a result; graffiti can decorate a community in some peoples’ eyes.

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” (Pros and Cons of Graffiti)In some cases, graffiti might bring the community together. Graffiti also don\’t need to be on a wall in an alley, it can also be in a gallery. “With street art becoming more and more widely accepted, some more contemporary galleries have opened their doors to the artists involved. So, not only can you go see street artists’ work in an outside space but you can also go to a gallery and see their work there too.”(Street Art You Should Love It!) Because galleries are accepting graffiti, graffiti will be looked at more like art and less like vandalism because it would be if it’s only in the galleries.

Graffiti can make a city look bright and colorful and when the things around you look colorful life might be colorful for you. ”Art in the street makes people happy; it makes their day and their commute more interesting. It adds character to what would otherwise just be grey and boring. Art reminds people to feel alive. It wakes people up. It inspires. Motivates. And sometimes it can make people think. Street art takes the ‘normal’ and makes it thousand times more interesting.”(Street Art You Should Love It!) For example, the picture (bottom) is a result of graffiti. Graffiti can brighten up life than just looking boring all the time

So people say that graffiti is illegal and if we let it be legal then people will just spray paint my home or something like that.

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