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IntroductionAccording to Dickson ethics are a group of moral


According to Dickson, ethics are a group of moral values that manage a person’s or a group of behavior. Someone is generally conformed to accept practices of the society or group making that considered to be behaving ethically. Most ethical acceptable practices are across to the world’s human culture.

Ethical issue in this case

ICT proficient ken may confront numerous issues that is the client prerequisites must have not been contemplated and examined in detail before beginning to take a shot at and the companion audit (colleague testing) may have been missed when the framework is prepared for testing additionally the other issue is that the concentrated testing procedure must not be pursued appropriately.

In addition, the frameworks are possibly placed in live when the testing experts have endorsed the framework.

There are following recommendations on the basis of analysis:

Concerns and Issues –

· User Requirements detailed studying –

In this the user requirements must study in detail and this discussion would

result in the unclear requirements issues beforehand and it could be resolved

at first.

· Intensive Testing

Intensive Testing includes the user requirements and the functionality test so, that the testing system is quite beneficial for the user. It also contains the code testing and thereafter, the bugs testing also through these testing’s, people can easily use the error free systems.

Before putting system, data live, Team might have missed the above concerns. Intensive testing is required to be undertaken before putting system on the live server. User requirements should be properly read by the testing professional and then undergo both functionality and code test.

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Should leave 20% of time lapse for the last final testing and bugs fixing –

While testing professionals are testing the system in detail, the team who worked should not open the system to work further. While coding proper peer-reviewing should be the important part of the Project – while working team and team members should have peer-reviewed the system properly. If that process would have completed then issues would have been resolved there in, before moving on to the further process.

Project Manager should keep time to time notice of the project. Also, project should never be put live before authority tests the system as OK marked.

Data Communication Technology (ICT) has begun new moral worries about the security of individual security, insurance of protected innovation, client duty, worthy access and utilization of data, programming licenses and robbery. A decent ICT approach must almost certainly sufficiently consider these, and numerous other related issues.

In the quickly changing mechanical condition in which we live; moral issues are progressively been raised, requesting consideration and endeavors towards goals. Exceptionally compelling for us and the data society are those identified with data correspondence innovations (ICTs). The dangerous development of ICT and the utilization of its empowering innovations have impactly affected society and accordingly bring up genuine moral issues for people and associations. These issues have been raised to another and regularly astounding level which has incredibly influenced the general public in different ways. The problems that need to be addressed raised by ICT incorporate the intrusion of individual and corporate protection, licensed innovation rights, individual and cultural rights, values safeguarding and responsibility for the results emerging from the utilization of ICT, and so on.

These issues have flung critical troubles in the zone of business; working conditions and differentiation. In any case, almost no headway has been made in watching out for these issues and troubles related with ICT. This is an immediate aftereffect of nonattendance of clear perception of the issues included.

Assess the implications of ethical problems

“Moral basic leadership (EDM) in human research includes reacting to an issue including various, regularly contending, objectives and thought processes. The leader ought to examine the viability of elective blueprints in connection to the moral and expert benchmarks of their field. The unpredictability of EDM makes it a troublesome marvel to think about exactly in field settings, henceforth we have utilized pretending in a lab for this underlying investigation of the job of anticipating in EDM.”


Morals are rules that govern behavior which actions are right and wrong. It is upon a person to choose a side which is right or wrong. The users of ICT use it in a wrong way like through:


As indicated by (T. Sembok, 2003) programming robbery is the subject of discussion. Robbery is the unapproved duplication of copyright content, the beneficial thing about theft is that individuals can buy pilfered products at a lower cost. In any case, it effectsly affects the first makers of those products like DVD, CD in light of the fact that their merchandise would not be purchased because of the high cost. In this way, it completely relies upon the clients to make the right decision or wrong for their advantage.


Person to person communication is probably the most advancement in the 21st century. Its benefit is that one can be in contact with loved ones around the globe. Businessmen can promote their organizations in the informal communities to get an assortment of potential purchasers. Most youths who utilize long range interpersonal communication in become dependent on Facebook, WhatsApp. They can invest a great deal of their energy in their contraptions imparting through the person to person communication thus ICT. This denies their season of mingling physically and their homework. It likewise empowers digital tormenting on the grounds that individuals can make phony records and use them to menace individuals which is terrible.


It is knowledge skills in a widely recognized body of learning derived from research, education and training at a high level. ICT professionals sometimes face hardships.

ACS Code of Ethics

1. The Primacy of the public interest

Ken have explained the issues with going live to the CEO as per his consideration of public interest of not going live without testing

2. Honesty

Ken was Honest towards his profession and explained the situation to the CEO not to go live as it is going to effect the company in the long run


Taking everything into account, a refusal to discharge untested programming is the privilege on way choice. Despite the fact that it might bring about challenges in the work environment and raise issues with the board and the customer, not discharging the product is judicious and less important than what could emerge if there are noteworthy, correctable mistakes with the product.

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