Ethics and moral values


Ethics is a word which is derived from the Greek word ETHOS which means our behaviour, our habits etc. Ethics are those which come from our parents, friends and the environment around in which we live.

It is the research of what is right and what is wrong for a human manner. It shows our basic etiquettes, culture, respect towards other and how we react to other people’s situation etc. There are no rules and regulations for showing ethics but it is our internal behaviour that comes from our heart.

It is considered in whole universe for our survival.


Moral values are our emotions and our practical experience in our life which motivate us to stay bold/ strong in life. Moral values are the values which keeps the positivity in our mind. It always express our happiness.

Moral values are obtained from our society, government, religion, by ourselves and by our parents. It change according to the different societies because each and every society have their own values and beliefs according to their culture.

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Learning about ethics and values is a right of a child as it comes under Right to Education which is stated in UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Here are some Ethics and moral values today’s youth need to learn about:

  • Truthfulness
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Cooperation
  • Forgiveness

TRUTHFULNESS: It means to be honest with yourself and others as well which means to be open, straight and always say truth. Always stand for that what you believe is right for you and don’t care about what people will say and think about you.

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If you want to maintain your Reputation in life always be true to yourself and with others also.

RESPECT: If you want success in your life, always respect your elders, teachers and always stay calm with your juniors. Respect comes with tribute and nobility as the person is considered as important character in his own rights. If your elders say something to you or give you an order to you then always listen to them and obey them.

TOLERANCE: It means to stay patient/lenient for the behaviour or the opinions that are given by us no matter who likes or dislikes and agrees or disagrees with. It is the mutual understanding of us while showing mutual respect.

COOPERATION: It means team work or working together in a group with coordination. It involves the beneficial relations. If a person will coordinate with others then automatically cooperation amongst them took place. It is basically done by two or more people for their mutual or common benefits. Or one may ask you to do a particular task then you must have to do that because of collaboration of you both. Their must be understanding between the people to cooperate with each other.

FORGIVENESS: It means to forgive the other person if he is really realizing his mistake. If our junior did a mistake and he is pardon for that then always forgive that person and always try to explain that person or make them understand about that situation that it is a wrong thing which is done by you must never be done in future.


IME N GEORGE, UNWANA O BONG DUYANGA, 2014 (youth and moral values in a changing society)

This paper is all about youth with their moral values and paper wants to tell us that today’s youth or youngsters are the strength of their society. They are the future of their society and maintain their existing and maintain their existing culture, trends and rituals which are followed by their society already. If there is no youth in the society it is impossible to sustain in environment. Moral values are taught in our schools in the junior classes. For these moral values special subject has been taught to us that is moral education.

·S SHOBANA, R KANAKRATHINAM, 2017 ( awareness and need of ethics and values in education for students)

This paper shows us that ethics is always disrupted in different situations and it tells us about how to act in front of our elders, juniors colleagues and boss etc. The vast and fast change in the universe due to technology creates many challenges in this modern era. this whole world think that new generation will be a dream for their society. The children are too much smart and quick in observing their parents and while observing they adopt their ethics also.


  • · The need of the study is to know about how youth need to learn about ethics and moral values as these values are also teach in our schools and institutions to aware the new generation.
  • · Need to know how value education should be indulged to maintain both the ethics and moral values.
  • · It is also needed because we come to know about how one can lead in developing skills.
  • · Need to know about the common ethics and values which must be taught to youth.


  • · To analyse the values that shows the characteristic of a person.
  • · To study and analyse ethics that must followed by youth.
  • · To study and analyse the moral values followed by youth.
  • · To study what values do our religion teach.


There are two tools for doing a research one is primary tool which includes quantitative and qualitative data. It is done through interviews, surveys, questionnaires, etc. and another one is secondary data which includes already published papers, magazines, articles, journals etc.

· Firstly I used primary tool for gathering the data. For gathering this, I did a survey in my locality with 20 to 25 people and gather information from them according to their personal experience and I also asked questions to them how to develop ethics and moral values as well.

· Then I use secondary data to gather more information on that to know more about that topic deeply. It includes all the journals, articles, research papers and magazines of that particular topic and search engine as well.



If someone is sad then sit along with that person and discuss about their problem with that person and try to make that situation forgettable for that person and do that sort of activity in front of him to make him happy at that moment. Always stand for that person if he needs you and his tough time.

If the person is needy around you and your locality. Always try to stand for him and ready to help him instead of making yourself cold-hearted and do not shut your doors but you need to donate the things if those things are no more useful for you but make sure if you are donating something it must be in that condition which must be used by that needy person.


Most of the people in Indian culture focus on their past and future instead of living in their present. Most of the Indians always remain in their past and it is hard for them to overcome from the past. They make their own myth in their mind to always remember about the past and it becomes too hard for them to come out from that trauma. due to that trauma they feel depressed, isolated and lonely as well.

I would like to suggest that they must come out from that situation and after coming out from that situation they should learn how to stay in positive environment to keep themselves positive.

Life is full of ups and downs and one should not leave the hope.

The more positive surroundings you live in, the more positive person who will become.


Money is not everything. We should be respectful to everyone and honest so that we can reach great heights of success. Which one should not run after money because money is not everything if its ones lucky or she might have lot of money but if it’s not the lock the might not have money if where as they will have great achievements and support if one will walk in right path rather than running after achievement will itself come after that person.

Your luck and stars depends on the hard work you put. The more hard work you put, the more success you will achieve. Earning money should not only with the aim or success in fact to be who you are to present yourself in front of the public and to show your abilities by working hard should be the motto of your life.


I am very lucky to get this opportunity for doing this research paper on the topic “Youth need to learn about ethics and moral values. What values do our religion teach and should be included in the value education??”

In this research paper I wrote about how youth should know about ethics and moral values and how important it is to adopt these and how much today’s youth is quick in adopting the values of their parents by viewing them in their daily routine but they are not actually adopting these ethics.

It has been viewed from the judgement that today’s youth is forgetting their ethics about their culture and their adopting another culture for themselves but they need to think about it and must adopt their own culture.


· It is recommended that the you should be encouraged to do social work which is related to social values.

· Special session on ethics and moral values must be taught in schools and Institutions to aware about it.

· It is also recommended that teachers must have the overall behaviour record of the student which will be shared with their parents on the meetings.

· It is recommended that special counselling sessions will also be arranged for the youth.


· It was difficult for me to find the primary data as a room in my locality and some people refused to answer my questions so I request them to please fill that questionnaire.

· It is difficult for me to communicate with some people because some people doesn’t know what they have to answer in that questionnaire because they don’t know English and they don’t understand what is written on that questionnaire.

· Filling of questionnaire was very much time consuming because too much time was taken to explain them what they have to answer for those questions.

· Majority of the research paper is from secondary data that is already published in journals, papers and magazines etc.

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