Culture and Moral Values: Are they changing?

As we enter into a new world of technology our culture and moral values are simultaneously fading away with every new invention. We seem to be forgetting the important things in life. Reading the works of William Wordsworth and other poetic authors, some people may start to see how men and women cherished life and nature at one point in time. Today, we look at nature as if it is meant to be slaves for our needs in order to provide us with food, water, and air.

Nature provides for us and we treat this beautiful gift as a slave that works to satisfy our needs, not taking care of our gift, forgetting to cherish every thing that nature has given to the human race. People forget that nature was given to us as a masterpiece of strength and power through God. Man’s ability to strive for more in life seems to destroy his vision of what he must base his values of life on as a Christian human being.

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The subject of “industrial organization” applies the economist’s models of price theory to the industries in the world around us (Caves 15). Industrialization is a great discovery that helped revolutionize the life of people at a very rapid pace.

It seems that ever since man became intelligent enough to create easy ways of life, his cultural values of family, work, and life have become a task for machines. Instead of overtaking our ideas and inventions, controlling them, and molding them into our own way of life, we allow industrialization of new technology to pave the way of life we live.

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In this essay we will be discussing the process of industrialization, explaining the effects it has had on culture and moral values in the time of our ancestors, as apart from the culture and moral values of today’s society. In the new world today industrialization is a big part of technology. It seems that the more the industry field starts to grow, the more we seem to forget the real values of life. We have now entered a new phase, in which adults all over the world have to recognize that all children’s experience is different from their own (Mead 23). Television, computers, cars, and other manmade inventions are beginning to bring our normal hard working way of life to extinction. Instead of trying to keep the ideal of working hard for something that a person may want in life, we depend on new technology to create an easier life for our own selfish purposes. Today many people take nature and life for granted.

Industrialization, having one of the biggest portions of why this problem exists, will start to control the relationship of man and the outdoors. Industrialization is the main work force of our life. It is about to destroy every thing that God gave to us as a spiritual gift. God did provide us with the knowledge to create the industry work field. But he did not intend for us to misuse our power of intelligence. God gave us the gift of bringing new life into the world as human beings. This is something that we should cherish and respect as children of Jesus the Messiah. Today scientists are trying to produce life through cloning. We should be ashamed to even try to create life or clone life; it is meant for a living thing to be born then die. Industrialization is not wrong as of today, but sooner are later we will take it too far and end up regretting even trying to abuse our power. Growing up as a young man in an African American family, stories were told in order to explain the concept of hard work and the willingness to work hard in order to get what one needed, not wanted.

We, as young adults, should be thankful for the new network of industry and never take any part of this wonderful life for granted. In the days of our ancestors they cherished every little thing that they had to work for in life. Moral values meant something special in those times, and every one loved to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Industrialization back then meant a shovel, horse, and manpower in order to eat on an everyday basis. Children played with ropes tied to a cane, read books, and studied the outdoors. They never once had the evil, selfish moral values that we have today. Selfishness may have exited back in those days, but no one really had too much to be selfish about in those times. Culture had a totally different meaning for our ancestors; they understood the meaning of true moral values. “Every human society has its own shape, its own purposes, and its own meanings. Every human society expresses these, in institutions, and in arts and learning (Ferguson 69).” Art, music, life, and religion were a big part of everyday life. Many great poets and authors came from this ancestral period. Music was not just something to listen to but also something to study and appreciate. If only we could recapture those everlasting moments that our ancestors enjoyed through out their lives we would never overstep our boundaries towards a more technological world.

In today’s society Industrialization has become a major part of everyday life. Computers, transportation, entertainment, and technology have become like a disease that is spreading throughout our young youth, destroying all the moral values that had been set in the time of our ancestors (Ferguson 45). How can we raise our kids not to be selfish and arrogant in the world today when there is a specific way of life? There is a certain way to dress, talk, walk, eat, and even sleep. People fail to realize that at one point in the past there was a time when people were not able to choose when to sleep or how to dress. Industrialization has just about created a new way of life where humans just lie around the house and get fat all day. It is real funny how we are the most intelligent race on the face of the earth, but we can’t seem to control our own despicable ways. Everyone at some point in his or her life wishes there was an easier way to perform a task or a short cut through a difficult task.

Children that are following the path that we are creating for them will lose the little feeling that a person gets from gaining something from nothing. If we just hand things to children every time they ask for them how can we capture the moral values from our ancestors. In order for us to reveal true culture of nature, we must travel far from technology and Industrialization. We must learn to cherish every thing that has been accomplished for use as Americans and children of God. Culture and moral values to some may be very important issues but to others may just be nonexistent being that fade away slowly every second. If we conceive ourselves in technology we will lose our true heritage, forgetting what God has intended for us through our knowledge. Our intelligent minds are meant for us to have a better view of our culture and moral values.

This basically means that our ability to strengthen our way of living through technology should have no effect on changing the way our values and culture progress to with everyday life. We should not take every thing that has been blessed upon us for granted. When will we ever go back to the old way of life and try to counteract it with today’s Technology? Think about how wonderful a world we would have if everyone worked to the maximum potential. If we really tried as hard as our ancestors did we may have a cure for all diseases, we may stop world hunger, or even succeed in world peace. Until we realize that our life is based on more than just materialistic items, the new world of industrialization will take over our minds and destroy our bodies.

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