Introduce yourself to company

Today, I am going to explain why I am an appropriate person to this task. There are three parts in the discussion. To start with, I will present to you who am I? And inform about which job am I applied? At last I will go over why I am the best person for this task.

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At the very first part, I am going to speak about myself. I was born in China on 14 September 1990. I can speak 2 sort of language: English, Mandarin and I can comprehend Cantonese.

During the spare time I want to swim and view movie and cook. I got a bachelor of management degree at University of Ballarat. There are some major courses I had actually studied, International organisation, Social network marketing item management, project management. At the exact same time, I got some awards. Such as got scholarship in Shenzhen Polytechnic (2011) and the impressive volunteers in 2011 Shenzhen Universiade. In my business card, you can get my contact and you can through the social networks know more about me.

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The last point is my job intent. I am looking for full-time or internship job. My unbiased position is sale assistant, marketing assistant and manager assistant.

I am requesting sales assistant on Toll. Toll is the leading company of incorporated logistics services in the Asian region, running throughout more than 45 nations throughout the world. I found this position on the Profession one website.

According to the job description, I think I am the right individual for this task. I had ever found out the understanding about business and some sales skill. I have actually been tired to use what I found out, such as do part-time job on Shenzhentong Co., Ltd which is selling the transport card with a partner in the metro station. Throughout the part-time task, I discovered something that I can’t receive from the class. It was enhanced my how handling of social relationships on term work. My partner and I have well done surface our job objective. We have actually done a great cooperation during the task, at the exact same time, we developing a positive relationship at work environment.

I have currently got a computer accreditation CEAC in China which contains about this capability of the software, including MS PowerPoint, Word & & Excel. Furthermore I will use Mindmanager to arrange my thinking. In general, I can use those software applications efficiently to handle some standard task and report.

As a foreigner, I don’t think the language is a barrier to communicate with people. But I had to admit that the ability of written and verbal communication may not as good as the native, English is my second language. With the time go by, I believe the communication skill will be better and better if I try my best to practice and learn. Australia is multicultural country, there are many kind of languages can accept. I can speak English, mandarin, and I can understand Cantonese. Therefore I can dig more kind of potential customers.

By my internship experience in some relate job of a logistics company. During the internship, my duties of the jobs was that I should provide admin support, book or confirm the appointment, processing of accounts, monitoring sales materials, sending out external communication and so on. And I just finished my studies, but I am willing to learn more at work.

Now, I am going to introduce my personality to you. First, I have organizing ability team-work awareness. I am willing to learn new thing. Meanwhile I am a creative thinker. Second, I am good at customer service skills and friendly to the customers. Third, I have a strong sense of responsibility towards the job, Fourth, I am good at manage time. Give your example. As we know, In China, Cow stands for work hard. So I think I will like a cow work so hard. In western, the dog means honest. So look at this picture, this dog looks cute smart and honest, I also have same good character. You deserve have me. Thank you.

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Introduce yourself to company

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