International Shipments Processing System (ISPS)

What external factors affect international operations at UPS? How do these factors cause UPS to adjust its operations? The emergence of technologies such as the internet and various communication tools that makes the world "one big village" is definitely an external factor that affects international operations. Businesses are expanding globally,websites and so forth helps forge friendships globally,thus creating a global demand for the services that UPS provides. For this, UPS adjusted its operations to meet these demands by creating technological systems that can handle such an operation such as the ISPS and DIAD.

. Explain how ISPS facilitates the ability of UPS to ship packages internationally The International Shipments Processing System (ISPS)is a system that transmits data about the delivery and packages which helps track the package down to the various delivery stops and locations on its way to its final destination. This is very helpful to both the recipient as well as UPS. This system allows UPS to stay as hands on as possible should a problem arise as well as help prevent a problem from arising in an efficient manner.

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Describe the role that the DIAD plays in UPS business processes. The Delivery Information Acquisition Device otherwise known as DIAD plays a very important role in the information technological system that UPS has going on. The DIAD and the ISPS compliment each other very well in that where as the ISPS tracks the data and transfers it, the DIAD makes the drivers and recipients responsible with signatures.

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The signatures signify that the information has not only been transferred to the intended party but also correct. Another part of the efficientness of UPS' informtation system. . How important is information to the global expansion of UPS? What advantages does UPS gain by carefully capturing information? Information is very important to the global expansion because it allows UPS the chance to improve upon delivery routes, ways to send information and packages, cost, efficiency, customer satisfaction,etc.

By carefully capturing information as mentioned earlier,it allows for UPS to improve their business in every way to further please the customer in a way that is also beneficial to the company. . Discuss the role of volume in the business activities of UPS. Volume plays a very important role in the business activities of UPS in the fact that it demands an efficient manner of retainable information and delivery process. Volume dictates the mode of transportation, the timetable for the recipient to receive the delivery as well as cost. Volume is what led to the development of the ISPS and DIAD, information systems that allows large volumes of packages to be delivered and information retained.

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International Shipments Processing System (ISPS)
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