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Information Technology Internship Report

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Report, Pages 3 (646 words)



Report, Pages 3 (646 words)

Test Execution Steps:

  • SL. No Action Inputs Expected Output Actual Output Test Result
  • 01 Enter user profile Father Name: Rana

Profile type:

  • public Update information
  • successfully Update – successfully Pass
  • Testing-6: Student also searches his/her class routine and downloads their routine
  • Test Scenario: Download Test Case ID: 06
  • Test Case Description: Download routine Test Priority: High
  • Pre-Requisite: A valid user Post-Requisite: NA

Test Execution Steps:

  1. SL. No Action – Inputs – Expected Output – Actual Output – Test Result
  2. Download routine – Click Download button – Download – successfully Download
  3. Successfully Pass

Chapter: 7 Software Requirement Specifications

7.1 Functional Requirements:

7.1.1 Functional requirements of Profile: Info: Student can view and Update their information. Parent Info: Student can view and Update their parent information Previous Study: Student can view and Update their Previous study information Health Info: Student can view and Update their Health information

7.1.2 Functional requirements of Document: Upload Document: Student can view and Upload their Document

7.1.3 Functional requirements of Routine: Download Routine: Student can view and Download their class Routine

7.1.4 3 Functional requirements of Admit Card: Event Type: Student can view and Download their Exam Admit Card after successfully their payment.

7.2 Non-functional Requirements:

7.2.1 Performance requirements: The performance shall depend upon hardware components of the users.

7.2.2 Security: The system’s back-end servers shall only be accessible to authenticated administrators.

7.2.3 Maintainability: Repair time shall be within some hours.

Performance Requirements:

7.3.1 Speed requirements: The response of particular part on our project depends on user using experience. If any user is used to with social network such as LinkedIn then that user can easily use our system.

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7.2.4 Latency requirements: There is no latency so far on our project, it perform well. Every particular field work well in our project and it run well.

7.3.3 Accuracy requirements: On our project there is no requirement that conflict with other requirements. Each requirement is independently assigning on our project.

7.3 Security Requirements:

7.4.1 Access requirements: To access our system as a user need to be authenticated and that user must be registered. If any user is not authenticated, then user can’t access our system. In our system we have done Id and password validation.

7.4.2 Integrity requirements: Our system will notify all the authenticate user if there is any problem on our system in future. Our system will send email on every user id if our system faces any problem in near future.


I am pleased to submit the final report on Internship. From this, the readers will get a clear and easy view of the overall report on Internship.

Internship is a great opportunity for students to know about the industry, feel the current market and also learn how to cope with the industry. Internship is the place where students get to know that what the industry wants from them, as per their requirements students can change themselves. Internship is actually a playing ground in the company and while playing, students are offered to something new.

I would love to thank my teachers and Institute of Information Technology (IIT) for proving Internship programs for us. IIT always tries to nature the best qualities in its students to run with the three famous words which according to my point of view has become the motto of IIT.

Internship is a place where students have a great scope of doing something great without having the pressure. Daffodil Software ltd is a Telecommunication company but it is trying to grow their Software Development department.

This company taught me how to express oneself, taught me the value of punctuality. The internship program has changed my direction of thinking, approach of working and strategies of problem solving. The learning’s of this period such as regularity, punctuality, and analytical ability will favor me in my future carrier a lot.

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