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Individual Learning Plan

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (347 words)
Categories: Activity, Education, Learning, Writing
Downloads: 37
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When you first took the Disposition Survey for Individual Learning Plan (ILP) in your ePortfolio: Transition Point 2, you were at the beginning of your MSED specialization program. Your reflection on your knowledge and skills was a snapshot in time. Your Individual Learning Plan was constructed based on your interpretation of your ratings and your perception of your level of implementation in the areas of Professional Dispositions, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), and Technology Proficiency.

For this Major Assessment, you will write a two-part essay describing what you have accomplished in your Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and explaining your plans for continual improvement. In preparation for writing this essay, you will take the Disposition Survey for ILP a second time and compare both your initial and current survey ratings. You will also review your initial Individual Learning Plan and assess your progress in completing the activities you had planned.

Address the following in your essay:

Essay Part 1: Accomplishments(1 to 2 pages)

Describe the activities you implemented from your initial Individual Learning Plan for each of the three sections: Professional Dispositions, NBPTS, and Technology Proficiencies.

Share specific information that illustrates how these activities have contributed to your professional learning and growth.

Essay Part 2: Plan for Continual Improvement(2 to 3 pages)

As part of your plan for continual improvement, describe the activities from your initial Individual Learning Plan that you have not yet completed. Explain why these activities have not been completed and share new timelines and/or revisions to the activities you had initially planned.

Review your new survey results and compare your ratings with the initial survey results. Reflect on and explain your perceptions of how you initially rated your knowledge and skills compared to your current ratings. What new insights did you gain when comparing the two results? What additional areas do you now want to target for continuous improvement in each of the three sections that were not included in your initial plan (Professional Dispositions, NBPTS, and Technology Proficiencies)? Report on one new area from each section and create SMART goals for each.

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