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In this assignment there would be research of organisational

In this assignment, there would be research of organisational structure and the topic of power and politics within Olympic Sportswear. Specifically, the concept of bureaucracy will be explored and how bureaucracy “gone wrong” in Olympic sportswear, as this sort of structure is recognizable in this organisation. Bureaucratic management is approached by German Max Weber who believes that bureaucracy was the most efficient way to set up an organisation and that it is better than traditional structures (Weber, 1968). Bureaucratic organisations are able to ensure the highest efficiency by precision, reliability and strict discipline.

On the other hand, a formal hierarchy over weights experiences and underweights new reasoning and in doing as such propagates the past. it misallocates control since advancements regularly go to the most politically astute instead of the most farsighted or productive. It makes it troublesome for internal renegades to draw inability and money since resource allocation is constrained by executives where the emotional value is invested into the past (Hamel, 2016).

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In whole, the essay is going to highlight the point of views and perspectives of different authors about the effectiveness of bureaucracy in an organization and discuss where bureaucracy has gone wrong in Olympic Sportswear and suggestions on how to get their employees more motivated and work harder by making the workplace more enjoyable. Moreover, relevant theories around power & politics and organisational structure will be discussed in order to support my analysis of Olympic Sportswear’s management practices.

Bureaucracy “gone wrong” in Olympic Sportswear

“Bureaucracy is a model of organisation based upon rules, hierarchy, impersonality, and division of labor which has been the dominant form of organisation for over a century” (Knights & Willmott, 2012).

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The kind of organisation intended to achieve huge scale administrative works by deliberately planning work by many people is known bureaucracy (Saueressig, et al., 1973). over 60 years back, Max Weber proclaimed bureaucracy to be “the most levelheaded knows methods for completing basic control over individuals.” organization is the technology of control. it is ideologically and essentially opposed to irregularity (Hamel, 2016). In the case study, Olympic Sportswear is likewise an enormously successful organisation, with 2016 seeing a 34% sales rise and a 66% increase in shares. The organization is currently worth more than ?12 billion and has gone into the main share record for UK organizations. Many have recommended that the way to Olympic Sportswear’s expanding profitability is their authoritative structure and clearly composed strategic units. Sam Loosely _ a journalist who visited Olympics Sportswear a year ago says that it is the bureaucratic rationality that keeps the organization up so adequately. He additionally commented on how the ability to return structure that isolates Olympic sportswear from competitors and whistles every other person is continually changing and advancing Olympic games wear is keeping it straightforward. In addition, Mick Armstrong believes that it is a false economy to depend on untested technological advances when you can utilize individuals to do that work. Addition up, Inside the organisation, it is clarified to labors that they will be sacked in the event that they get four ‘black-mark’ – or ‘strikes’ – over a multi-month time frame. Altogether, there are 92 potential offenses, which are recorded in organization handbooks. Offenses such as, Excessive toilet breaks, eating on the job, wearing, excessive chatting, Badmouthing Olympic Sportswear and Wearing branded clothing. These rules are considered as unethical, and it is set by using the power to rule workers. Union officials have noticed that the employees from Olympic Sportswear are often terrified of speaking out opposition to poor working conditions for the fear of losing their positions. That is a ‘culture of fear’ infested all through Olympic Sportswear. In 2014, an example was given where the general Rota system was changed, implying that representatives ought to be for all time ‘available to come back to work’ for somewhere around 6 days seven days – expected to be in work on demand in under 3 hours. A source at the time said “Individuals realized that it was the wrong activity, however, they didn’t have a decision. What were they going to do? The managers constantly tried to reveal to them that there was a line of individuals at the entryway hanging tight to fill their shoes.” This has prompted a circumstance where a considerable number of the low maintenance laborers are too hesitant to even think about speaking out against the working environment rehearses, yet additionally powerless to find a new line of work somewhere else.

From these claims, Olympic Sportswear has created a productive organisation that lacks an enjoyable environment and clearly shows that they are misusing the concept of bureaucracy by torturing their employees with unacceptable rules and regulations. Culture fear such as sexual harassment has been very common in such organisations. For instance, a female employee was forced to talk about her periods publicly. Employees are often afraid of speaking out against poor working conditions for the fear of losing their jobs (Chambers, 2019). In the case study, it is mentioned that the performance of laborers will be observed. The monitor techniques include face-to-face supervision or through the cameras that are prepared on the warehouse throughout the day. Bureaucratic rationalization is the overwhelming organizing out the rationale of innovation and managerial capitalism, it produces degrees of wastefulness, dehumanization, and formality. Contextual studies (Blau 1955; Merton 1949) addressed whether the bureaucratic perfect sort was completely levelheaded and productive, or created typologies that accentuated diverse types of administration fitting to hierarchical setting and kind of work (Thompson & Alvesson, 2004). (Farber, 2011) claims that the implicit wasteful aspects of the very bureaucratic Communist economies deliberately abused and wasted human effort. As referenced by a worker that nobody “gets listened in to around here”, helping to the brought down motivation among workers. This brought down motivation can at last limit the association from performing at its ideal and despite the fact that the association is performing great now, if the depersonalized condition proceeds, this may cause critical long-term work disappointment (Herzberg, 1974).

In order to make the work environment enjoyable yet productive, they can make their supervision level lower and they can likewise expand the responsibilities of employees to work productively under their very own watch. In addition, the Olympic sportswear can introduce technology in-place of hierarchy levels and as it would be a new method of communication, workers may respond to this more consistently than the same manager’s voice every time.


To conclude, I believe that Olympic Sportswear is an example of bureaucracy “gone wrong”, though their productivity is high and they are one of the successful organisations, they mis-uses the concept of bureaucracy and distress their employees by setting strict rules using their power, the management only aims to raise profit by increasing productivity. There are several ways on how they can bring changes to make the workplace more enjoyable for the workers. With the high accomplishment of Olympic sportswear, evidence suggests the bureaucratic structure has been helpful to the association, anyway the absence of employee’s inspiration will begin to assume a job in the efficiency of the workers and the overall organisation.


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