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‘First aid’ means helping someone who may be injured or sick until
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'First aid' means helping someone who may be injured or sick until full medical attention is given if needed. The purpose of first aid is to keep someone alive and protect them from further harm. Accidents are prone to happen especially with kids thus it is important to know what to do in an emergency. As a parent who has kids, it is crucial to be aware of first aid so you are always prepared for anything as kids are…...
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The Concept of First Aid And Safety Education
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First Aid – is the immediate, temporary care given to a patient or victim of an accident before the services of a physician could be obtained. It is applied to prevent further injury, reduce pain experienced by the patient, and shock from the injury. Safety Education – is the recognition and avoidance of hazards causing disability or death in modern living. Accident – is defined as unplanned or unexpected event of events in a sequence of events that results in…...
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Project: First Aid Kit
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First aid kit was invented by Johnson in the late 1890’s. First aid kit got its name is by Johnson's first aid kit. The first aid kit formed in the 11th century, to help the pilgrims and knights and also train the other knights and pilgrims to help cure the injured people. So that’s how and why many of us now use Johnson first aid kit to cure illness and injured people. We all have our first aid kits in…...
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First Aid Training Proposal
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Introduction Providing immediate and effective first aid to workers or others who have been injured or become ill at the workplace may reduce the severity of the injury or illness and promote recovery. In some cases it could mean the difference between life and death. The meaning of key terms First aid is the immediate treatment or care given to a person suffering from an injury or illness until more advanced care is provided or the person recovers. First aider…...
CprHealthImportance Of First Aid
The Importance of Basic First Aid Training
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First, what is a skill? The best definition I found is, a learned power of doing a thing competently: a developed or acquired aptitude or ability. (_Merriam-Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged,_ There are so many skills that people should master to make life richer, more meaningful, or simply easier. But to choose a skill that most people have not mastered that I believe everyone should master is Basic First Aid (BFA). Most people who I know personally which…...
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Care Plan if Accidents or Illnesses Occur
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If they are out in the sun for a long period of time they may get sunburn or even sunstroke. When they are eating they may chock on the food. If the pavement is uneven they could even fall or they may go missing Procedures to follow if accident/illness occurs If an accident or illness occurs you will need to assess the situation before you do anything once you have done this you may need to phone an ambulance, once…...
AccidentsCareImportance Of First Aid
Responsibilities of a paediatric first aider
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Maintain your own safety Contact the emergency services Give accurate and useful information to the emergency services Support the casualty physically and emotionally Appreciate your own limitations Know when to intervene and when to wait for more specialist help to arrive. PEFAP 001 1.2: Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to self and others Wash your hands with soap and water before and immediately after giving first aid. If gloves are available for use in first aid situations,…...
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‘First aid’ means helping someone who may be injured or sick until
...Mobile app usages has grown drastically among patients and studies show that these apps can support a variety of routine medical tasks. This includes patient education, assessing medical records and clinical decision support (Lewis & Wyatt, 2014)...

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