Unexpected Consequences of Hasty Decisions

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I didn't see it coming. Maybe if I had gone a bit slower, thought things through, I wouldn't feel like I do right now. Pain shoots through my bones, reverberating in every fibre of my being.

My feet are sluggish, stumbling along like a newly blinded man. Every step I take is the wrong one, every move I make results in error, everything I do has no purpose. Is there even a glimpse of hope for me? Can some greater power save me from this? No.

It is too late for me, I am already in too deep. I can't fix this. So I fall.

My feet leave behind the solid ground as I pitch forward. Caught in a single moment of time, I am suspended in the air, floating on the absence of gravity. The world below seems so calm, everybody continuing with their lives, neglecting to notice my struggles. People fail to see that on the inside, I am chaos.

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Confusion erodes my soul as I ask myself, why me? Why? I am the victim. I can see what is happening to me, yet it is as though it is happening to someone else. I am watching from the window as a spectacular storm ravages a poor, limp body that is caught in a single moment of time.

They say that your life flashes before your eyes as you face the end, but that is not the case for me. I am blinded by my regrets. If only I had taken the time to stop and think, then this whole situation would have been avoided.

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Boiling guilt bubbles in the cauldron of my chest, eating away at my existence.

I should have listened to my sister. I should have reconsidered. I knew how to fix this, so I should have at least tried. And yet, my malicious mind is telling me that this was inevitable. You know you couldn't have changed anything. You might have survived today, but you were always bound to fall and you know it. Just let go. Let go and enjoy the freefall. Gravity sinks its teeth into my frozen flesh. Like someone pushing play on a remote, my descent snaps into motion.

Air whips past my face, pushing tears out of my eyes that cause the world to blur. My clothes snap in the wind as I plummet towards the earth, the pavement rushing up to greet me like an old friend. Or an old enemy, seen in the way it smashes into my face like a wrecking ball.

My nose crunches into the concrete, my teeth grinding and brain rattling within my skull. Lips parting in a shocked 'o', my breath is wrung out of me like water from wet laundry. I am lying prone, splayed out on the footpath, and the only thing present is silence. I don't dare move - maybe no one will see me and laugh at my poor decisions if I am still. Shame immobilises me. Why am I still here?

With excruciating slowness, my arms tuck beneath my shoulders and push me upwards. I sit, panting, as I stare at my legs thrust out in front of me. Damn you, shoelace! The black string hangs loose from my shoe, mocking me from afar. I can't believe that a single lace upended me in the middle of the street.

Glaring at the offender, I scramble to my feet and kneel down to tie my shoelace. A quick glance up shrouds me in sympathetic looks from passersby. Ha! You fool. The malicious voice in my head chuckles darkly at my stupidity. They all pity you, coward.

Straightening up, I tug at my shirt indignantly, readjusting my collar in a desperate attempt to regain my dignity. My face aches from the impact and tears sting my eyes, but a smile illuminates my face so that people will move on and leave me alone. My leather briefcase lies a few feet away, but before I can reach it a petite hand scoops it up. A shorter woman with a messy blonde bob smiles endearingly at me.

"That was quite the fall." Chagrin stains my cheeks red and I look down sheepishly. She chuckles as she hands me back my briefcase.

"Shoelaces, huh? They're a killer."

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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