Hasty Desicion in Shakespeare's Tragedy Romeo And Juliet

Who falls in love after seeing each other for only one night. Romeo and Juliet has made some hasty decisions for those few days they were together. What do i mean about hasty decisions is like getting married and not never telling their parents knowing that they hate each other. Romeo killing Juliet’s cousin Tybalt during a little fight. And Romeo killing himself after hearing that Juliet fake her death.

That is what i mean about hasty decisions. Romeo and Juliet were very young Juliet was fourteen years old and Romeo was sixteen or seventeen years old.

Romeo and Juliet falls in love with each other as soon as they saw each other. It was at a dance. Romeo and Juliet families did not like each other for nothing in the world that’s what makes it worst. How are you going to have a relationship with someone if the parent’s doesn’t approve of it that’s kind of miss up right.

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So they had a secret wedding that only the nurse and the preacher know about. That’s one the hasty decisions that were made in this story. In the story of Romeo and Juliet they make another hasty decision. Romeo kills Juliet cousin Tybalt . Romeo has made a very huge hasty decision right here by killing a family member. What makes it very bad is that the families a families already don’t like each other and he go and kills his wife cousin.

So they go and deliver the news to the families and Juliet family say’s that Romeo should die for doing a such thing.

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So now that Romeo has killed Tybalt is focus to move out the city or he will be killed. The last hasty decision that was made was that happen in the story is that Romeo has killed himself with some position . Romeo kills himself because he heard that Juliet killed herself. So now Romeo is gone and died somewhere else .

Then they tell Juliet and she fake her death. So now that the truth comma’s out about them . The nurse ends up telling the families that they were married and had no other choices about but to just to get alone with each other choice but to like each other. In conclusion their were so much more hasty decision that were made. And i just chose to do those three to write my essay on how they made bad things like.

Married without telling either of their parents knowing that they hate each other, Romeo killing juliet’s cousin Tybalt and almost getting himself killed, and Romeo and Juliet drinking a position to kill their self and that killed Romeo and they never said if it killed Juliet. But i think it did in my own opinion. That is my way of them trying to show their hasty decision. I wonder what would happen to me if i did any of these types of hasty decision that they had made.

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