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I am Professor and the Dean of the College of Economics and

I am Professor and the Dean of the College of Economics and Management, Southwest University. I made acquaintance with Liu Yanshu since she took my Human Resources Management course during her sophomore year. In my thirty-five-year teaching career, I have seldom met an undergraduate student with such a genuine and focused interest in Human Resources Management, exceptional resource integration capability, organizational coordination ability, and high sensitivity to others’ needs.

First of all, I much appreciate Yanshu’s active attitude to learning.

In the first class, she impressed me almost immediately with her thirst for knowledge. Not everyone in the class paid full attention to my lecture, but Yanshu did. Besides, I found Yanshu was exceptionally intelligent, who proved to be a quick learner, comprehending the essence of theoretical knowledge in a record time. For many time, I caught sight of her dedicated expression from which I could tell that she was proactive in thinking instead of just recording my words. No wonder her questions were always thoughtful and sophisticated.

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At that time, Yanshu was the Human Resources Manager of Enactus China Southwest University Branch. She actively applied classroom knowledge to practical difficulty existing in her team, hoping to find a better way to solve. She had once discussed with me on the personnel allocation and performance appraisal system of student entrepreneurial team.

Secondly, Yanshu demonstrated professional interdisciplinary integration capability and practical ability. Through my observation, Yanshu never confined herself to a particular subject. Instead, she emphasized multidisciplinary research and integration. As the Human Resources Manager of Enactus China, she had used knowledge both on human resources management and organizational behaviour to help with staff shortages by changing some of the university’s departments’ organizational framework.

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When she encountered some difficulties, she would come to discuss the feasibility and better solution with me. I felt delighted and have always been willing to offer guidance to those with inquiring minds.

Thirdly, Yanshu impressed me also by her exceptional capacity of communication and astute attention to detail. In her Junior, Yanshu participated our Global Immersion Program as a volunteer. She was chosen to be the assistant of Professor Alan Hudson, the Director of Programmes in Leadership and Public Policy, at the University of Oxford. In the one-week program, Yanshu properly arranged everything for the professor. Besides, in each class, she was an active participator and encouraged her classmates to interact with the professor. At the end of the program, Professors Alan spoke highly of Yanshu and belauded her for her hard work, enthusiasm and devotion.

In my teaching career, I have seldom written a recommendation letter where the applicant and the opportunity were such a perfect fit. Hence, I am glad to recommend Liu Yanshu to your renowned university. Her distinctive, comprehensive qualities will guarantee the accomplishment of her program in graduate school. In case of any further information about Yanshu, please feel free to contact me.

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