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Hurrah Airlines Case

Categories Business, Company

Essay, Pages 4 (850 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (850 words)


Hurrah Airlines is a budget airline company based at JFK Airport, New York. Hurrah Airlines offers low prices on flights to and from Europe by keeping the operating costs low and makes up for the low-ticket prices by charging for extras like meals, priority boarding, seat allocation and excess baggage. Recently, customers have made calls and voicemails message to complain and express their dissatisfaction towards the airline’s services without understanding that the company is a budget airline.

Problem Identification

The first problem that occur in the company is passengers need to pay for extras which lead them to make complaints to the service line.

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Most of the basic service for example a wheelchair also needs to be charge.

Problem 1

Due to a heavy load on a service line, the customer service has become very slow which bring an unreachable calling condition. Problems couldn’t deliver to the company.

Problem 2

The irresponsible action of the employees inside the company. Customers are not getting any feedback on their loses and enquiries which will make them feel helpless.

Problem Statement

Based on our findings, the overflowing customers’ complaints centred around inefficient staffs and poor company policies which leads us to believe that customer service needs to be improved.


This section consists of 3 solutions to overcome the challenges that Hurrah Airlines facing.

Alternative solution

Solution 1

The first solution is company can improve or upgrade the service line and hire or train more effective workers to be in charge of the customer service.

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Company may call some workers who are more professional in this area to upgrade the whole system of the service line so to decrease the probability of break down. Company also need to have a standard course to train the worker who are in charge in customer service. The worker needs to use the shortest time to understand the problem of customer and solve it.

Solution 2

The poor service provided by current staffs can be improved by providing more and better incentives to the current staffs to help motivate them and boost the company spirit from within themselves. Hurrah Airlines may also implement a system whereby customer grades the service provided by the staff in order to track the performance of the worker. Excellent and outstanding staffs should be celebrated to create a more competitive and wholesome environment within the company.

Solution 3

Self-service technologies such as airport check-in kiosks allow the passengers to produce a service without the involvement of a service employee (Castillo-Manzano & L?pez-Valpuesta, 2013). It also provides faster, better, and less expensive services for passengers. Therefore, Hurrah Airlines should install the airport check-in kiosks as it help the overcrowding passengers to smooth their journey from the airport to their destinations. The understaffed situation can be solved when the kiosks could aid the tech-savvy passengers’ check-in for their flights so that the airline crews could focus more on other aspects.

Evaluation solution

Solution 1

At first, the better system of the service line can handle more calls from customers. Next, the more trained workers the company have can be better prepared to answer and call or email from customers and give them a reasonable explanation and help them to solve the problem. There also have the weaknesses with this solution, the one of the weakness is company need to invest more money in this segment and company need to use a lot of time to train the worker become professional to handle all the problem. Having a trained workforce means your workers are learning new skills that can improve production, cut time spent in creation of your product (or service), reduce production costs, reduce mistakes, build confidence in your workforce, and create a better working environment. (Benton,2014). So, the company should not skip step of training worker because of cost.

Solution 2

Airport check-in kiosks allow the passengers to save their time as they no need to spend their time in queues at the check-in desk. By using the airport check-in kiosks, the problem of understaffed will be solved because more customers are going to use the kiosks rather than going to the check-in desk, so the number of check-in desk will decrease. Other than that, the labour costs of the company will decrease as the company no need to hire more staff to solve the understaffed problem.

The airport check-in kiosks will increase the expenses of the company as the company need to use a lot of money to install the kiosks. The electric bill of the company will also increase as the airport check-in kiosks need electricity to operate. Besides that, the company need to find someone to service the airport check-in kiosks in a period of time to ensure that the kiosks would not have any problem in future.


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