Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine

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A nightclub owner in Casablanca. He is considered one of the greatest actors of Hollywood and his popularity continued even after his death, when a “Bogie Cult” began. Youngsters admired Bogart, identified with him and wanted to emulate their hero. He has also been great inspiration for writers, appearing even in cartoons and comics. Emulation reached the English language too, as a slang term was coined after his name. ‘Bogarting’, which means keeping something all for oneself (mostly used with reference to joints), was derived from Bogart’s habit (he was a heavy smoker) to keep his cigarette long time in his mouth without actually smoking it.

After his naval service and some other jobs connected to his passion, the sea, he started working in the theatre industry as an amateur in the early 1920s and later that decade also on the big screen.

His trademark scar, charism and personality landed him mostly gangster roles. However, in Casablanca he plays a more romantic and vulnerable character, thus giving him more room for a deeper and more rewarding character.

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In 1948, he created Santana Productions that however, did not have much success. Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund. Being born in Sweden, she started her career starring in European films but then became renowned on a large scale as she won three Academy Awards (currently, the record is held by Katharine Hepburn with only one more award than Bergman), four Golden Globe Awards , two Primetime Emmy Awards , one Tony Award and one BAFTA Award .

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She is well-known also for her extramarital affair with the Italian director -and later, her second husband-Roberto Rossellini, which forced her to remain in Europe for several years (ironically, she will face similar problems for the role played in Casablanca).

Her roles have required versatility and adaptability, ranging from a piano accompanist, a Norwegian wife of an anti-Nazi hero, a nun, a guerrilla fighter to a future opera star, a psychoanalyst and Joan of Arc. Image 2 has been chosen because it represents the eternal crossroads we, as the audience, are forced until the end of the film. Crossroads that even Ilsa is forced to, as throughout the film she does not know what her faith will be, which man she should love the most; in the end, she actually believe she will leave with Rick, even though we know the final being different. Finally, this crossroads is experienced by Bergman in real life as well, as nobody will know how the script will be concluded until the last moment. Several are the scenes accompanying us through this change of feelings, one moment towards Rick, the other for Laszlo. As her character evolves, she understands she loves and admires Laszlo as the embodiment of a great cause, but she is in love with Rick, whose weakness makes him human

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