Human Sexuality Essay

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Human Sexuality

Sexuality refers to concern or interest in sexual activity. On the same note, human sexuality is a term that implies sexual contact or intercourse as well as concerns in relation to the psychological and physiological features of sexual practices. Internet pornography is the on-line material that explicit sexual activities in order to stimulate profane rather than appeal feelings (Goldstein, Kant, & Legal and Behavioral Institute, 1973). It is widespread, cheap, easily accessible and readily available.

It bears noting that about ninety percent of pornographic information is from the internet and men are the pre-dominant internet pornography consumers. It is therefore important to study internet pornography since it presents an opportunity to directly target consumers of pornography. The aim of this paper is to show the impacts of internet pornography on individuals, our sexuality and culture as well as that of the society. Dangers of internet pornography consumption cannot be underestimated.

For instance, it psychologically diminishes sexual happiness while increasing incidences of oral sex, bestiality and group sex. In addition, many sexual offenders use pornography to arouse themselves just before committing the crime. Additionally, addiction to pornography leads to both low self-esteem as well as a higher degree of tolerance to abnormal sexual behaviors. In addition, internet pornography causes men to start viewing girls and females as sex objects for their lustful sexual needs.

Moreover, many young children get exposed to obscene images through internet pornography which lures them to early sexual practices. As a result, they become sexually unhealthy later in life. Among the teenagers, pornography causes poor development of sexuality (Lo & Wei, 2005). Pornography causes higher marital infidelity, likelihood of divorce, separation and devaluation of monogamy. On the same note, it causes sexual dissatisfaction as well as debasing thousands of women.

Additionally, women who are involved in pornography production suffer both direct and indirect adverse effects. Moreover, children whose parents consume pornography encounter decreased parental attention and financial strain. These consequences expose such children to lifelong traumatic emotional responses and early onset of sexual intercourse which may lead to increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Internet pornography is a social problem that is widespread as it comes with drug addiction. This makes an individual to develop a weakened ability for a meaningful social life.

Consumers of internet pornography may sexually molest children as they seek to satisfy their sexual gratification. Furthermore, it causes imitative harm by modeling crimes such as rape which are imitated by offenders. It also harms the moral standards of the community and offends the credibility of the victims of sexual abuse. Besides, indulgence in internet pornography results in more a more sexually dominating behavior in men. In addition, women and girls loose a healthy self-image when they see their husbands and fathers watching pornography.

To add to the bargain, internet promotes distortion of minds of young people breeding them into future rapists, sex addicts and homosexuals (Slade, 2001). According to current research, internet pornography presents human sexuality and culture in ways that are distorted and morally wrong. It disrespects the dignity of humans and by acting as a sexist and corroding their conscience. In addition, this vice has affected the lives of people distorting their conceptions on sex and sexuality (Lo & Wei, 2005).

Based, on the adverse effects of internet pornography, various concerns have been raised in relation to this. There is also the need to protect the purity and innocence of children for a better future. Besides, it is important that parents evaluate the exposure of their children to internet pornography. It is evident that repeated exposure to internet pornography increases prevalence of deviant sexual behavior to an individual as well as distorting the society, culture and perceptions on sexuality. In order to curb this, internet pornography should be censored.

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