Human Resource Management Which Is Extremely Important

In police administration, decision-making and planning are essential for productivity. It is important for the individuals chosen to be in a position of leadership to not only have the experience but also to have proven themselves to be qualified to handle the day to day activities and being prepared and qualified to handle crises as well. Planning is essential for decision-making and good management. An effective planner should contemplate and have back up contingency, and alternate plans for times of a crisis.

  When it comes to human resource management, these qualities are extremely vital. The budget process must be handled by a group of knowledgeable staff with experience, that has a good relationship with financial managers. They must Keep personnel as a top priority. Most agencies may find it tempting to try to eliminate or even delay filling positions to improve the budget numbers, especially when studies show that around 80% of the department’s annual budget is spent on personnel alone.

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If positions are delayed or eliminated, it can be difficult for the department to be restored in the future.  The department must try to remain competitive in terms of pay with surrounding cities not only to promote the hiring of new employees but also to reduce turnover rates of employees going to work for other agencies with better benefits and pay.  A promising option for Human resource departments is researching and finding ways to obtain alternative funding sources to help compensate the budget. One option is through grants. The federal government provides these and often will be granted based on a specific need, however often there is an extensive application process, this is were the decision-making and the planning of the human resource team come in.

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Experienced personnel can navigate this process well. It is usually wise to have a grant writer negotiate these requests, a lot of agencies do not have a grant writer so they will hire the one-third party to submit applications on the department’s behalf.

Another option for funding would be municipal leases, and these are good for funds that need to be dispersed right away for short-term use. A municipal lease is an option that has many advantages because it allows for the use of funds from a capital budget to organizations operating budget expenses. These funds could be used for various types of equipment such as lockers or storage for evidence, or the purchase of bags and lockers. A positive consideration of this type of funding is not only that it has a lower total cost because financing can be extended over 30 years, but payments can be placed into the budget, and this can mean less administrative work to supply equipment for the needs of the department. In conclusion, human resources personnel must keep in mind that the budget process is an ongoing campaign of funding and running an organization, and it is believed that maintaining good relationships with financial managers is essentially just as important as increasing the budget.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023
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