Human Resource Management Society and Human Resources Certification Institute

Oxford Community Hospital has a shortage in Human Resource Specialist, but have a surplus of applicants and patients. This problem creates a domino effect because we cannot maintain the ease and constant flow of the hospital. Our plan to solve this problem is to hire five new HR Specialists. We plan on interviewing fifteen people by the HR staff narrowing down applications by qualifications. The applicants will submit a resume containing three references and a statement of purpose.

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The current HR specialists will hand-select thirty applicants to pass onto the executive staff.

The executive staff will then narrow down the thirty applicants to fifteen to begin the first round of interviews. After the first round of interviews, the top ten applicants will then be brought back for round two interviews.

The new HR specialists will be on a 90 probationary program where each new hire will shadow a total of 3 current employees each lasting 30 days. The training program will let the new HR specialist develop and see what needs to be done on a day-to-day basis and will also let them see how they can innovate and grow within the company.

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After the 90-day training program, the current HR specialist will advise and grade the new HR specialists allowing the new HR specialists see what they need to work on. For us to, start the hiring process and training program we need to first hire our new employees by accepting applications.

The HR specialist will evaluate all materials and choose the top 30 applicants resumes, references and statement of purpose. The executive staff will then choose the top 15 applicants for the job based on further exploration of their paperwork. For the applicants to be chosen, they need to have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree from a four year accredited University/College. The applicants also need to be certified in the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRC) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). If the applicant is in the process of getting their certification they are still allowed to be considered a potential employee but must finish, their certification before there start date if accepted on a probationary status.

Once the executive staff picks the 15 applicants they will start Round 1 of interviews. A panel of two Executive Staff members and one current HR specialist will be conducting the interviews. Once the 1st round of interviews is complete the Executive Staff will then come together and decide who the top ten candidates should be invited to the final round of interviews. In the final round of interviews, three executive staff members and two current HR specialists will be conducting. They will be asked more directed questions and behavioral and situational questions.

After the final round of interviews, three of the executive staff members will gather together the information on the candidate and write a statement on why the applicant should be hired and why they think they would be a good fit for the hospital. The statement will reflect on the notes the HR specialists and the Executive staff members took during the first and final round of interviews. Once the executive staff gives the go-ahead on the five new employees they will be brought back in to discuss salary and benefits. The person who will conduct the conversation on salary and benefits will be a member of the financial executive staff. The executive staff member will go over again what the job entails and give them a start date on when they will begin the training program.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023
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