Accounting degree & certification needed for high school grads

High school, bachelor's degree in accounting and certification requirements are needed to become an accountant, (Careers in Focus. Financial Services. 7) (Financial Services 7) and bachelor's degree requirements are exactly what I'm completing. As a child, I've played with many ideas about what career I want when I grow up. Examples of some ideas I've played with, becoming a veterinarian and becoming a psychologist. These ideas turned out to be a bust, because people must not like animals, so therefore, they must know where to give these vaccines and how to hold surgical tools straight.

Also, when it comes to arithmetic of the mind in regards to psychology, finding out that myself was a bit of a mind reader, it ended up the case that it wasn't probable that I'd be good at the arithmetic of brain anatomy. After that, I decided to go into accounting, since that's what my mom used to be, and since it's a career choice that can be taken seriously.

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In school, I would change my career selection almost every year, which is why I have deeply looked into communications and controversies of every career that is out there and made certain that accounting is the job that I want to dedicate the rest of my life to. There are three types of accountants, forensic, management and tax accountants. The requirements are a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance, two or more years of experience and certification is recommended, but required for forensic accounting. Employers also generally want you to have good analytical and communication skills (Fitch 73).

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Though employers don't hire people just because they completed internships, internships are a good source for the 2 years of experience that jobs require. Studies to become a certified public accountant, a CPA, can give you the same education requirements that other accountants need, which is why you don't need to specify on what kind of accountant you'd like to be, but some people might still have their preferences. Working conditions within the career of accounting include hours, work environment, general salary, projected outlook and positive and negative aspects. Information that includes accountants and auditors, the job is full time and more than 40 hours per week, the median salary in 2016 was $68,150, an increase of 10% job outlook is projected for 2016-2026 and the job is located in an office work environment, if not self-employed (U.S. Dept. of Labor 117). (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 117). Speaking to an actual accountant and her secretary, she said that she works 40 hours a week and 60 hours a week at tax time. They said that the work environment was stressful, formal, laid-back and happy, and that a positive aspect is that they get to meet a variety of people and see how different businesses run, but a negative aspect is that accounting is time consuming and stressful, and that there is stress at tax time (Dziergas). These working conditions can give a person an activity to do to pass the time. Just like any other job, there are things that accountants need to do to maintain their job or career. Accountants can choose to belong to the MICPA, Michigan Association of CPAs, and AICPA, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, organizations. Accountants read the IRS Periodical (Dziergas). They don't regularly attend conferences, but a management accountant might occasionally be called in to business conferences. Accountants write financial reports and financial statement, and top-level management prepares these reports for them (Tracy 193). Online, accountants use Ultra tax to prepare tax returns and ACS to bookkeep and make financial statements (Dziergas). People are trained by the previous experiences that they are required to find for themselves (Fitch 73). This shows that accounting is a simple career with only a few kinds of responsibilities, but nobody will supervise you throughout these important activities. There has been a consultation with an accountant about what some of the controversies in the field would be. She stated that one controversy would be that tax laws are generally pretty standard, but they can change with the times, which is a big controversy. Another big controversy that she mentioned was that the changing presidents have different laws and policies, so that affects accountants a lot (Dziergas). It is conclusive that these issues are just a part of life, and that tax laws only change, because inflation and other factors change. The only thing that can be done about the issue is that maybe top-level management could try to inform the accountant about any new changes that they need to worry about. The career of accounting doesn't have many other controversies, since it only involves basic arithmetic, but it's laws and policies are definitely a controversial factor. The accounting career requires you to be able to communicate effectively and professionally, because when you're speaking to businesses, you need to be able to communicate professionally. Writing in this field is mostly about writing down numbers, so that you don't mistype something on the calculator, but neat handwriting could be something that you practice doing (Tracy 105). This career doesn't use any particular media, except for maybe an official website of the company. Accounting's general writing requirements of knowing how to send an email on special occasions and having the ability to write mathematical equations aren't directed towards a particular audience, because emails are only sent on rare occasions, and mathematical writing isn't directed towards anybody. At the end, there are some attached artifacts called Appendix A and B from library books about this mathematical writing (Tracy 176) (Droms 202). The only writing that any accounting book that one can find mentions is mathematical writing, and no other writing seems to be a part of this career. Accounting doesn't use all three appeals for it's communication purposes. Appeals that Appendix A and B communicate would be only logos, because these examples provide evidence for why the end total is what it is. In general, an accountant needs to make sure that his or her communication isn't appealing to pathos, because emotions aren't something that should be seen in the professional office environment. There's also no need to appeal to pathos, because you don't apply it to normal speech. An accountant's mathematical writing provides a means for communication through logos. An accountant needs to communicate that he has ethos and is credible, because customers want to know that they are going to the most credible place that they can find. Appeals are difficult to describe in such an arithmetic-based profession. There's a lot of advice that one can get on how to become an accountant, but it is probably important to remember that communication is mostly formal within the professional environment. One piece of advice is that you can decide on whether you want to tax or audit in the career. You need to love math and numbers. You also need to be detailed and organized (Dziergas). A career profile needs to give details about all aspects of a career no matter what the purpose of the audience of students looking for jobs or the audience of adults looking to go back to college is for reading it, but there should also be advice available for those who want to go into the career of accounting.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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