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The Whole Debate About Reparations is Extremely Doubtful

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Overall the whole controversy on reparations is extremely open to question. Many people have different views on who should get what? How much money should African Americans receive? So on and so forth. But to me, reparations is not a smart idea. One reason for this is because of the amount of money would be significantly large, and it would be impossible to figure out who deserves what. Moreover, money is not sincere.

Why is this important to me? This is important to me because as a young African American female I think people are too reliant on the government.

Some people refuse to embrace the fact that we have the power to reverse the position that we’re in on our own. We’re are powerful people and been put through so much. When there’s a will, there’s away. And I also think people shouldn’t trust the government. Throughout the course of history, our government has shown repeatedly that they only care about themselves and money.

In terms of history, its always been modified as white people being the savior. For example, Christopher Columbus, in western cultures he is seen as heroic because he so-called found the New land which is simply not true. There were already Native living here for centuries. Often when speaking about African American history the first thing we are always taught is slavery; which is not the beginning of our history. They don’t teach us things about the Moors who controlled Spain for over 700 years.

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During this time they taught Europeans about Universal education, fashion, and Hygiene, urban utilities (such as hospitals, street lights, public baths), human flight, paper making and etc. The Moors basically are the main reason why Europeans got out of the Middle Ages and European Renaissance existed. In western education, this is not nor acknowledged. So this makes me question if your government can leave out parts your own people’s history what else could they be lying about.

Yes, African Americans have been through a lot throughout history and still continue to do so. The whole idea of reparations is disingenuine. For example, we have Democratic candidates who have been pushing the agenda of “reparations” to get black votes for the 2020 elections. I don’t think it’s sincere. Frequently you have people that can like to benefit by making money or getting something in return for another group’s hardship and these are people who we should avoid. Even after discussing that, there will be tons of discussion on other waves of immigrants coming to the United States. The track history of U.S exploitation is quite long. Paying reparations would be easy for other groups to claim the same thing. Not to mention the fact that it’s too expensive. African Americans will have to consider other races such as the Chinese people (Chinese Exclusion Act), Native Americans (Trail Of Tears). The racial distribution will cause unnecessary conflict between groups of people. When speaking of reparations everyone will get excited because who doesn’t want free money. But we also have to take consideration of the fact that other groups have been discriminated against and would want some sort type of reparation as well, so it is important that we don’t contradict ourselves.

In the news, article Reparations Are More likely To Divide The Nation than Heal It, it states “advocates for this proposal are far less persuasive at explaining how reparations would permanently level the playing field than they are at detailing some of the ugliest parts of our own nation’s history” ( This quote speaks volumes for the reason that we won’t know who is qualifies for it, and how much money should a person receive. Should multiracial get a check? These are all good questions about reparations. It’s good and exciting to hear the thought of getting free money, but to actually sit there and execute the plan would be hard and it’s just not logical. Not to mention the fact that we’re basing off past years of traumatic events to the value of money. Realistically the federal government won’t have the money to pay it and the majority of the money would be coming from taxpayers.

Lastly, the thought of reparations is literally only and all about money. That’s really the main focus. To be quite honest with you no one would really care about why or how they are getting the money as long as they are getting it. That’s the messed up part about it all. The money is not forthright. I’m not for reparations all it does is create conflict and separatism.

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