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Human resource Management in Global context

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (738 words)
Categories: Human, Human Resource Management, Management
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Human resource Management is, perhaps, the oldest and most widely researched subject in management. Yet, as technologies change, cultural diversities occur and people’s expectations undergo fundamental shifts towards newer and newer dimensions. For instance, professionals are gaining more say in the running of organizations. Even where governance is by people who own the majority stakes, their own positions and the respect they command are contingent upon their competence rather than ownership. “Management is the art of getting things done through other people.

Management is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business. Without it the resources of production remain resources and never become production. ” (Prasad, 2006, p. 260) This definition emphasizes that the global managers achieve organizational objectives getting things done through the employees. Human resource Management is very essential for successful running of an enterprise. It ensures proper use of physical and human resources by deriving the best results. It leads to efficient performance and higher productivity.

Human Resource Management is very essential for every organization to make productive use of human physical and financial resources or the achievement of the organizational goals. It helps in determination of objectives. No organization can succeed in its mission unless its objectives an identified and well denied. Management helps in achieving these objectives by the efficient use of resources. Selection of global managers is critical for a company because it is global managers, as agents of their firms, devise strategies to engage international markets in ways that sustain the company’s growth and boost its profitability.

It is on their selection that company decides which foreign markets to enter, which companies they opt to ally with, and how they build organizations to govern their worldwide activities. Global managers identifies the environmental factors that evaluates the strategy, the tools that support their strategic choices, and the processes that management uses to ultimately convert their analyses into strategies that create superior value in international markets. The need of work teams increased as a result of the complexity of global operations.

These teams work include culturally diverse groups. These kinds of teams have many advantages; one of these advantages is to avoid cultural dominance. (Buchanan, 1974,p. 538) (iii). Communication Skills Cross-cultural communication often results in misunderstanding caused by misperception, misinterpretation, and misevaluation. This misunderstanding can be avoided if global managers possessed multilingual skills and high levels of cross cultural awareness and sensitivity

In an organization, the activities of global manager directed towards meeting the following general objectives for Improving Productivity for Teams: i. Optimum utilization of resources. The main objective global manager in international organizations is to secure maximum output with minimum efforts and resources. Human Resource management is basically concerned with utilizing the human and material resources available to enterprise for deriving the best results. This leads to reduction in the cost of production. ii. Increasing efficiency of factors of production.

Through proper utilization of various factors of production like capital and labor, global manager leads to avoidance of wastage of time money and efforts, This leads to increase in the productivity of all factors of production and thus encourages the growth of an enterprise in global environment. iii. Securing maximum prosperity for employers and employees. This is one of the main objectives of global manager in an organization and aims at securing maximum prosperity for the employers by generating high profits at minimum cost.

It also aims at prosperity for the employees by providing reasonable remuneration and other benefits for their services to the organization. iv. Ensuring human betterment and social justice. Global managers in an organization also aim to raise the standard of living and quality of life of people. It provides more leisure and amenities to people. Management provides social justice through its uniform policies. v. Cross Cultural Management: First, no organization can be isolated from cultural environment, that is, organization as a social unit must operate within the framework of the larger cultural system.

As such, a congruency has to be maintained with the values of total culture. Second, organization may be considered as a subculture within the framework of total broader culture. No doubt, every organization develops its own norms and cultural pattern of behavior; these elements are developed within the context of the larger cultural pattern. No part of the system should go against it if both have to succeed. From this point of view, the culture affects the functioning of an organization (Buchanan, 1974, p. 534).

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