Human Lifespan Development


Zach went to prison in his early 20's or 30's. He spent 17 years in prison. Normally at the age of 43 he should be in a reliable relationship, working to ensure that he gets A good income to support his lifestyle, being able to live independently also with a stable mind set. At the age of 43 years old this age span is in the lifespan of adulthood it allows you to define yourself in terms of your career life style and ability to provide for your family.

In his career lifestyle Zach should at least of been working to achieve an high job position such as assistant manager or manager this will increase Zach's income which will allow him to have a better lifestyle. However Zach went prison in his 20's or 30's he lost the advantages of achieving goals he could of gained during that period of his lifespan in prison. His self-concept could be effected as he came out of prison and realises that all his opportunity he had is gone, no career for him to achieve any skills but as Zach is 43 years old he still has the chance to start his life again and go get an education for him to gain more of an knowledge.

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In this society today women tend to get less pay then men, they we're also excluded from certain jobs. Women had to fight for their rights to vote in the past, but now women can vote and they have nearly all the rights that a man has.

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Some countries don't value women as much as some other countries that might value a women's rights. However Zach is a male and should be providing for his family & himself. Males are seen as the main gender that has the leadership of providing & keeping their family safe. Therefore Zach should be providing for his family, however he spent 17 years in prison which effected him negatively on his self-concept as he wouldn't see himself as a man because he hadn't have the chance to create a family & provide for them.

Emotion health and well-being:

a lot of people have different ways of dealing with situations & will know how to control their feelings. As Zach suffered with a difficult childhood by abuse & violence, this caused him to grow up full of anger, injustice and bitterness. He often found it difficult to control these feelings which led him to committing offences. Zach had an emotional life style this will emotional effected his self-esteem & self-concept he could lack confidence within his-self.


As people go through different types of abuse some people are different with handling abuse and may become more strong & others may be weaker and struggle to deal with it. There are several ways of people can be abused; physical, sexual, emotional, non verbally & verbally everyone's been through one these at one point in life. Dealing with abuse can build up anger in a person or can become isolated from others & begin to hide their emotions with others. As Zach was growing up his childhood was difficult as he was suffering with abuse. Zach could of been getting abused by his family members, as any of his family members could of been getting abused from their childhood aswell so this could cause the family to have a history of an abusive past and could continue it within the future generation. Zach being abused has caused an negative effect on his self-concept by physically being abused that makes feel insecure about his which makes him have an low self-esteem.


Some relationships would be an positive effect on people's self-concept as the couple are stable with each other & allow them to develop, they become more comfortable and more emotionally mature with each other. Sometimes with others their relationship could have an negative effect on their self-concept as it could be unstable and untrustworthy which causes a person to cheat within a relationship. Before Zach went prison he was in a relationship he had physical abused someone for starring at his girlfriend, this shows that Zach's insecure and is easily jealous when it involves his girlfriend.


Zach was brought up in a negative environment which made him feel not valued as an person by him feeling like this he then started to development a negative state of mind allowing himself to begin doing negative things in his childhood stage of life. In the childhood stage of life children should be surrounded by positive people & things but not all families can ensure that their kids can be brought up with an positive lifestyle as the family could of been through a lot of negative situation within their childhood.


Everyone needs to socialise as it allows them to communicate with others and for them to go out to places to socialise. However Zach's socialistion was effected negatively by his emotions from being abused as a child were being a barrier to his social life as he couldn't trust anyone.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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