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How to Have Closer Friendships

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Essay, Pages 4 (833 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (833 words)

A friend is someone who we can call in times both bad and good times. A friend also can be there to comfort you and help you with your problem. Friendships make life beautiful and colorful, adding significant value to life. Whether casual or close friendships, the role of friendship is increasingly important to happiness and health according to Macmilan (2017). However, male and female friendships are both similar and different in some aspects.

Male and female friendships have differences in terms of the level of intimacy, the frequency of contact, and the types of issues discussed.

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The first one is the level of intimacy. Male friendships is casual and less intimate than female, they are often based on shared activities or hobbies like sport, game, music, etc. They usually do not express too many feelings and tend to have less drama. On the other hand, Women can be physically close to each other and be very comfortable. They are much more likely to share both emotional and feelings.

For example, is my brother, he always talks about football all the time.

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There is no room for deep conversation, so I just talk about my problem with my best friend’s girl. She gives me some good advice every time I talk to her. Second is the frequency of contact. In male friendships, without having contact with a friend for months or even years, they still consider his friend as a close friend. They do not think that they need to stay in touch to discuss all the things about his live all the time. In contrast, females tend to have regular contact with their close friends all the time. They assume that they have grown apart if they do not stay in touch and no longer in the friendship.

For example, is my high school mate, I kinda feel like I do not know my best friend’s girl anymore because we have not talked for a while. The third is a type of issue discussed. Male conversations usually deal with common things rather than a deep feeling. They usually joke a lot and more casual than females. Male friendships do not open up about personal details. Unlike the male, female conversations are all about the details of their lives, from their love lives, family problems, career, etc. Female friends are like an open book, they talk about everything and tend to act more mature to solves her friends’ problem. Sometimes they tend to be more emotional and dramatize everything. For example, when I hang out with my sister or my best friend (who is a girl) we can talk about anything from our love to food to the issues of technology. Unlike with my sister, when I with my brother we always joke around with each other and rarely talk about a serious problem.

Not only differences, male and female friendships also have similarities in terms of having fun in hanging out, give support, and common interest. The first one is both male and female friendships having fun in hanging out. Both males and females enjoy doing fun things and like to hang out. They can hang out with you and show you a good time. They tend to take your mind off of things you do not want to think about. For example, my friend and I can have some fun and do some things like going to a cinema or just hanging around talking in my room. Second, both male and female friendships can give support to each other very well. They feel the same pressure to each other if their friend has a problem and tend to give support to them. For example is when I have a problem with my parents, the only one I can talk to is to my friends. Both male and female can understand me and be there for me. The third is a common interest. Both male and female friendships have their own common interest. Without interest, there is no friendship. There are the things that they compete at such as looks, sports, games, and just about everything that they like. For example, is my brother with his friends, they are always competing with each other in which the football team is the best.

In conclusion, male and female relationships are different yet similar in many ways. We can see the differences between male and female friendships in terms of the level of intimacy, the frequency of contact, and the types of issues discussed. The similarities in terms of having fun hanging out, give support, and common interest. All in all, we all need friends, whether it is male or female. They are both have their own good and bad. You can have both of them, if you do not want all the drama and just hang out you can do it with your male friends. Also, if you want to talk about your deep feelings then you can talk to your female friends.

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