How These 4 Sports Apps Are Using Technology To Help Improve Performance?

Cricket is religion in India and the magnitude of Indians’ love for cricket than any other sports is unimaginable. But with the increase of various sporting leagues, India is rising as a global sporting destination. And with various leagues taking place in India, startups are cashing on the unending enthusiasm of sports fans. Given below are some of the very interesting sports startups that are using technology to bring together sports and fitness.

Smart Running

Want to know about a new way to prevent athletic injury?

Stridalyzer,a Bengaluru-based fitness tracking device developed by ReTiSense Technologies Private Limited predicts possible running related injury for runners.

The sensor fitted insole in the device works while running and gathers data about the runner’s form and style. The device uses hardware and sensing technology along with bio-physical modeling of the human leg to provide real time advice to the runners.

Data-Driven Approach

The impact of technology on sports is not instantly apparent but it can surely transform the game in many ways.

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Sports Mechanics, a sports analytics firm helps in increasing user engagement by providing cricket analytics of many kinds, including performance analysis, predictions and player analysis. Having founded in the year 2006 by S Ramakrishnan, the company also helps franchises increase their fan base by serving infographics and data analytics on social media.

Swimming made easy

Developed by Cialfo Solutions Private limited, SwimIndia aims to educate the swimmers by providing useful information like different aspects of swimming, training and diet information.

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It provides a platform to nutritionists, swimmers, coaches and professionals for social interaction. The web portal and the app also provide relevant information on the recent happenings in the swimming world.

Your Virtual Coach

If you are someone who is obsessed with Golf then definitely go for SlamDunQ golf technique app. The golf swing tracking app uses smartwatch sensors and analyzes swing speed to improve the player’s potential. The app breaks down the scorecard based on your swing and also gives you tips on improving your game. Additionally, the player can also view ‘action replay’ to avoid repeating the same mistake while swinging.





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How These 4 Sports Apps Are Using Technology To Help Improve Performance?

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