The Damaging Effects of Pornography and Dating Apps in Society

Pornography has become very readily available in the last few years Men have become accustomed to having sex to watch anytime and anywhere. With dating apps, such as Tinder and OkCupid, not only do they have access to sex videos, but they also have easy access to actual sexts Porn has become a huge problem in today‘s society; as the demand for it grows, the porn industry starts making more and more extreme porn to satisfy the demand for variation What we see nowadays is very violent, degrading porn that promotes rape-culture and portrays women as objects, Dating apps only further promote this idea by providing men with many different options to choose from, and without the expectation of having to get to know the person or start a relationship with them, I agree with these articles, since I have experienced firsthand some of the negative effects of porn and dating apps.

Men are unable to perform in real life, and have very unrealistic expectations for sex, often wanting to do things that would harm the women they are having sex with, I have seen friends of mine get obsessed with dating apps and talking about girls as collection toys, bragging about the number of girls they have hooked up with and trying to always find “better” hook-ups.

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I think women are both empowered and hurt by “hook-up culture”. The positive side of it is that many women who don‘t want to commit to a relationship have the opportunity to hook—up with as many guys as they want, without any expectations, However, men tend to disrespect the women they hook up with and see them as “easy”, even though they were the ones looking for easy, casual sex in the first place, Men want to have access to easy sex with no strings attached, but they also expect there to be women who don’t sleep with a lot of people so they can marry them when they get tired of it and decide to settle down.

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It is a contradiction in itself and a double standard. Dating apps are definitely damaging the way people communicate and making it very hard to find people to have serious relationships with Some people do not want to have many partners, but it seems like most men are not willing to be in monogamous relationships.

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