How Technology Affects Art

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What we chose was “How Technology Affects art”. We chose this because it influences our lives & what we get to see. Our exploration question is how does technology affect art & the way it’s used? Art and technology might seem to oppose each other–one being a creative pursuit and the other following logic and rules. But, the art world increasingly uses technology to create.


First we’re going to be talking about how technology affects art. Here are some ways that technology affects art & also the link on where we got the information.

Lasers, lasers encourage visitors to create light structures and floor drawings by moving through colored laser beams and smoke. But over the past few decades, art and tech have become much closer than ever before, whether it’s through providing new ways to mix different types of media, allowing more human interaction or simply making the process of creating it easier. They have basically just combined at this point.

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The next thing we’re going to be talking about are artists & animators.

So in the old days, artists drew everything by hand. Some still do but allot of the pictures you see today like with those special effects were made from the computer. So that means there’s a whole new breed of artists but they use the computer to help with their art. But since allot of artists can use the computer for their art that makes a whole new career path to consider with all the imagination, & multimedia artists dazzling images and new sophistication to everything from cartoons to commercials.

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Another thing we’ll be talking about is technology & art not how it affects it. So in the UK Ada Lovelace published the first complex computer program for a system that didn’t even exist & predicted that computers would become tools of human imagination. What’s more, she did all this in 1843, so what’s better is the inspiration for the year ahead than this steam champion? The main challenge of the near future is the industrialization of electronic textile’s production. In the past 10 years we have seen a lot of research from both engineering and design related to the integration of electronic components into textile structures and the development of conductive and reactive textile material.

Now we are going to be talking about a list of free online courses. Number one there are online courses for 3D courses that don’t require registration or tuition. Number two Animation tips & tricks that Maya covers topics in adjusting weight values, motion, trails, improving spacing, twinning removal and shifting weight. Altogether the nine videos run 42 minutes. Number three a beginner’s guide to animation in soft image shows students how to animate bones, edit animation, use key frames & use deformers. Through eight short videos, learners gain a grasp of the terminology and the step for viewing and creating animation. Number 4 detailing, they teach students to add details, age, wear & tear, bump maps and texture to computer made objects.

So now we’re going to be talking about the things about computer animation. What computer animators do, computer animators use programs such as auto desk, light ware, maya, soft images, Photoshop, and coreldraw to create realistic movement for characters in a variety of mediums. Software manufacturers continually upgrade programs, which makes staying on top of industry developments and essential component of success. Before sitting down to create a new piece of animation, people employed in this field meet with their creative team and spend time researching their options. They create steps needed to complete the process from beginning to end. After creating the images they meet with their creative team again to receive feedback. The next step is to make edits based on input from clients, managers, other animators, artists, musicians, and anyone else involved in developing the project from concept to release. Where computer animators work, Computer animators can be either self-employed or employed by an organization. Those who are self-employed, also known as independent contractors, may work from home office or rent studio space elsewhere. They meet with their clients regularly, either in person or by using technology such as Skype to show their designs at various stages. Those who are traditionally employed work in offices or studios surrounded by equipment they need to get the job done. This includes a computer, a variety of software programs, a large desk space for drawing, and possibly and area devoted to storyboarding.


While writing the essay we learned that it helped artists and the art that they make. We also learned that technology would make a whole new career for new artists . But those new artists use only technology for their art. The articles answered our exploration question & it was.

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