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Hector and Miss Jean Brodie as Inspirational Teachers
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Despite the inspiration he gives his students and his efforts to make the boys ‘more rounded human beings’, the lack of any practical usefulness makes Hector’s teaching inadequate and obsolete in the new academic environment. The headmaster can see that Hector is a good teacher but fails to value his teaching because the results are ‘unquantifiable’. This is due to Hector’s belief that examinations are ‘the enemy of education’: ‘those longed for emblems of conformity’. Hector considers the name of…...
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Clinical Placement at Facility
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The first three weeks in my clinical placement at Facility, I have already gained a lot of practical experience that is different from what I am familiar with. During our orientation at the facility, we met the nurse manager of the third floor who is courteous enough to share a little bit of information about working in the facility and how the system works in the long- term care facility. The nurse manager even told us, that she is also…...
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