How Badminton Became a Part of My Life

Unlike other things, sports memories last. Entering this world is an either or situation, it's either hard or easy or both there's no in between. Growing up I've only been able to play one sport were I am truly passionate about. A sport that helped me gain something that school nor our very own home cannot instill to us. Sport is a series of reality show, it has heart stopping moments, compelling dramas, and we can never guess what will happen next.

We all love playing our sport because it has molded us in many ways, but everyone has different experiences- here's mine.

Badminton, were it may define as, it is a racquet sport played using a racquets to hit a shuttlecock across the net, the most common forms of the game are singles and doubles (Wikipedia,n/d). But for me it is more to what the definition is saying.

I've been playing this sport for almost 12 years and all I can say is that it can change someone's life and it definitely changed mine.

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The different dynamics of this have a unique impact to my life, it changes the way I live and my perspective in life.

As I got older, I started to live my life with badminton as my companion, through all the successes and failures. Together with my parents support as well as my relatives and friends, my badminton career became the avenue to many paths in my life. I've become more closer and fall in love with it and not only to that but I had also met my best friend.

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This very moment blossomed into a life full of racquets and shuttles by this I mean, a lot of opportunities were bestowed not only for me but also for my team. Truly I can say Sports always has a silver lining. For me that was playing in every tournament with my team. That's not everything to me, but what is everything for me was the family i've made. Because this sport isn't always about one's self, yes the form of the game is limited but that doesn't mean that the it stops there. Badminton creates family within team and that is one of the many things I thanked for. I found family within the sport who helped mand taught me life experiences. This is where I learned the huge impact my sport had to my life, I learned to handle stress in games or in academics, to manage my time so that I won't be able to miss trainings and at the same time my classes and the requirements needed. I've learned to become a better person because of the way my sport affected my life.

For some , Badminton may not be the sport for you.

Whatever sport is suited for your liking always consider your happiness because you won't be able to love it if you just force yourself. Every sport is unique and the way it will impact someone's life but I challenge you, if ever you find the sport you are really passionate about, take some time to think about how it changes your life. Think about what it adds to your life. It teaches you to work for what you want because nothing is handed to you in an easy way.

Sports teaches us to stand up even if we are at our lowest lows and to stay humble if we are at our highest highs. As I journey back to the memories I had through these years, I remember the first time i've heard the word 'racquet and shuttle', my first ever medal and my first ever downfall. All of my firsts in this field but nevertheless life is a learning process through badminton .....

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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