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How Attitude Roles in Decision Making Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (521 words)
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Before I can discuss the play function in between attitude and purchasing choice procedure, let’s take a look at the meaning of attitude first. Mindset is a relationship link between feeling and believes or a consumer’s ideas and the reaction action. We can say that attitude is something that remains in individuals’s mind and the idea of a consumer’s openness towards the information received by each person. The info got can be both positive and unfavorable. As we can all see that mindset consist of customer’s thought which has an effect on the sensation which feeling will express through the consumer’s acting.

Now let’s see what it is indicates by choice making procedure. It is a procedure of selecting one or another way from all of the alternatives that a customer has actually thought about with. Normally, the decision making would be the finest and the most appropriate option which helps consumer reaches their objective.

Mindset is the crucial internal element that shapes a private option. In addition, there are three elements that will cause customer’s behavior, which are predisposing factors, enabling factors and strengthening factors.

Predisposing aspects make up of knowledge, beliefs, worths, cultures and, obviously, attitude, which I will focus on. Furthermore, mindset can be kind by lots of methods. It may be through the knowing process, the ability to identify the differences (which one is good or bad), imitate from others and experienced for each individual. These three factors influence a customer’s behavior and it likewise effect the decision making of that particular customer. For example, consumer has actually experienced that the pricey things constantly come together with the much better quality products.

And he thought in what is in fact has taken place to him in the past, called the cognitive part. So whenever he acknowledged the problem, like he wish to purchase a brand-new bag (a chance recognition) and attempt to search for all the alternatives he wants to buy or thinking about, you will discover that all the options are all the brand bags with the high cost. In another scenario, a consumer may imitate an attitude of “being fat ways awful” from pals and society around her.

So it may leads to the decision making by she is starting to recognize the problem by thinking that she is too fat and will classify herself as ugly person, called an affective component. Then what she will try to do next is the information search, both internal and external, about how she can reduce her weight and so on. So you can see that an attitude of a consumer, even though it comes from your society around you, can influence an individual’s decision making process easily.

The function of attitudes may also role in the decision making process because it helps consumes to cope with their environments. One of the five functional theories of attitudes is social-adjustment function, which is a function occur when a society make an adjustment about something and it leads an individual consumer to develop the attitude toward it. For example, nowadays people are more concerned about the environmental in our society

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