Household Waste

Efficient use of home waste is a sphere that has actually not been looked into in the past. However methods of extracting energy from family waste, primarily biological, have emerged. But for this we need to separate the biodegradable wastes from non biodegradable wastes. Vermicomposting is a procedure in which biodegradable waste is dumped into the soil Vermicompost

Pit Size: Might be any size but must be comfortable for earthworm breathing. So,6′ X 3′ with 2.5 depth must be preferred as minimum. Proportion of the material to be put in the following ratio:

Rotten Cow dung 60Rotten Jabra 40 (By Approximate.

Earthworm 30 pieces per Square foot i.e. in 18 sq.ft x 30 =540 pieces.

Verities of Earthworm:.

a) Eisenia Foetida.
b) Eudrilus Evegeniae These 2 varieties have shoter life cycle and more reproduction Production:12 kg to 14 kg per Cubic foot and can produce 3 times in a year i.e. in 36 cubic foot, we can make about 432 kgs in one harvesting in one harvesting. In one year we can produce about 1296 kgs of vermi compost.

. Roof: the top of the pit should be covered with thatch proof roof to stop entry of heat and rain water. Otherwise thick polythene sheet on the bamboo frame can also be used.

Maintenance: Daily some water to be sprayed into the pit to maintain coolness. Harvesting: Note the material will need filling up every fortnight. Rotten green material is eaten up by the earthworm there will be a formation of black coloured earth like substance which has to be collected after duly sieved once.

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The fine material is vermicompost and ready for used. The whole process will take about 3 months. Our own little compost pit

As soon as we got to know that we will have to do a little experiment in order to complete our EVS project we started our own compost pit. First we collected all the required materials.

1.Cow dung2.Paper
(3) Kitchen wastes
(4) Earthworms

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Household Waste
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