Holiday In Malta

Malta is a tiny island in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by crystal clear water and is great for swimming and all kinds of water sports. Nightlife here is excellent. The people are friendly and are always ready to help anyone out. Malta’s two main languages are Maltese and English. Practically everyone speaks English here, making it easier for an English speaking tourist to feel welcome. Malta has a high standard of English and in Summer, thousands of foreign students come here to learn English at the different English schools, including EF and ESE.

Malta has two sister islands, Gozo and Comino. Gozo is smaller and quieter than Malta. Its peacefulness and tranquility makes it an excellent place for those seeking a peaceful and cultural holiday. Comino is the smallest of the three islands. It is so small, the only major building on it is a hotel. This is an excellent place to relax and forget about modern day life.

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It is also ideal for those who enjoy taking long walks in the Mediterranean countryside. Close to Comino is the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a prime diving, snorkeling and fishing location. Diving there is a unique experience.

Since distances on the Maltese Islands are small, you are never far from the sea and Malta has a large selection of beaches, both sandy or rocky, many people agree that Malta’s beaches are some of the nicest in all the Mediterranean. For those of you that like to enjoy yourself at night, Malta has great nightlife.

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In the towns of Paceville St.Julians and Sliema one may find many establishments catering to your every need.

Paceville is more suited for the younger scene (16 – early 20s) featuring a hive of clubs, bars and pubs. In St.Julians and Sliema one may find an assortment or many fine restaurants, wine bars and cigar bars (especially around the Portomaso region). However, there is no shortage of bars and pubs and one may even come across the odd Irish Pub.

Malta has a rich and colorful history, dating back to the pre-historic times. Some of Malta’s first buildings were its pre-historic temples. These buildings are older (but not as famous) as the Egyptian Pyramids and are World Heritage Sites. The temples are well worth a visit, should one happen to be visiting Malta. Malta was ruled by several communities and these all left their mark, especially the Arabs and the British.

Whatever you look for in a holiday, it can be found in Malta. Be it extreme sports or simply relaxing by the beach.

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