History of Manila City Jail

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology supervices and controls all district, city and municipal jails. It has been claimed that effective management is based on one’s leadership, management skills and experience at managing critical issues; i. e, public relations, having good policy and procedures. To lead, one must be concerned with ethical and moral development of one’s organization and employees. It is imperative to define and know the agency’s policies in order to do what is right for the right reason.

Another factor forming a significant part of tangible programs is sound policies and practices. There is need to focus on agency output in order to measure the target results and its effectiveness. The existing jail conditions in the country neccessitate an honest to goodness assessment to find out if their objectives are met. I need to determine the effectiveness of escorting the inmates in their court hearings and other purposes inside our penal system.

There is need to conduct thorough assessment on this variable so as to provide a clear picture of inmate’s safety or problem with the end in view of finding solution for it if there are any.

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Due to different management of local BJMP and existing condition of penal system in the Philippines. The researcher choose Manila City Jail to be subjected of his researched work as he had his “on the job training” at Manila City Jail, where pertinent data are easily obtainable. The local BJMP in Manila City Jail managed to create effectiveness of escorting the inmates for their safety and security.

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This provides direction for their organization to identify their objectives in the performance of their duties. The idea of escorting the inmates is to provide safety and security for their court hearings and other purposes. A program should give all the employee’s an understanding of how their job contributes to the accomplishment of organization’s mission and vision. On January 2, 1991, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology was established under Republic Act 6975 as a line Bureau under the Department of Interior and Local Government.

The Jail Bureau is the upgraded version of its forerunner, the Office of Jail management and Penology of the defunct PC/INP. As mandated by law, the BJMP shall operate under the reorganized Department of interior and Local Government. Starting from scratch with 500 personnel in 1991 the BJMP weaned from its mother PC/INP as a mere component, to become a full-pledge bureau, directed to supervise and control all district, city and municipal jails. At present, Director Rosendo Moro Dial, CESO III serves as the Jail Bureau’s Chief.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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