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Allow me to thank the people first behind the success of being here at Manila Pavilion and for making our OJT a possible one. First and foremost to our Almighty God, for giving us strength everyday, for the guidance and good health, for the graces and blessings that help us to perform our task as part of our OJT. Without Him, I know we’re nothing, we can’t do anything.

To our parents and guardian, our deepest gratitude and appreciation for being with us all through the way from the very beginning and for showing your unconditional love and unending support financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you for all the hardship of working hard just for me to educate.

To the Manila Pavilion Hotel family especially Steward and Housekeeping Department, thank you for your warm welcome and for giving us this one of a kind experience in having our OJT in your Hotel. For the chance that you have given us to be with your team and for giving us more knowledge in this real world of Hospitality Industry.

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And most especially for helping us to improve our knowledge as we continue to strive in our ambitions in life. Thank you for treating us fair and not just a student’s having their training but as an employee of your Hotel. We really appreciate everything that you guys shared to us.

To all my co-trainees for they became my inspirations in order to strive and pursue with my training.

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Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and helping me in our daily duty. Thank you also for the bonding and friendship even for the short period of time. To all my Supervisors and regular employee for both Stewarding and Housekeeping Department, thank you for believing me that I can make every task that you had given me. Thank you very much, everyone of you had the big part of this successful practicum.

A word of appreciation to our beloved school Arellano University and to all SHTM faculty staff especially to our coordinator, thank you very much for giving us this kind of opportunity to have an hands-on training and gain more knowledge which we can use for the near future.


Manila Pavilion Hotel is the ideal accommodation for foreign and local tourists who wish to explore Manila's cultural and historical landmarks such as Intramuros and Luneta. The hotel is also ideal for leisure travelers with entertainment and retail centers easily accessible from the hotel such as the Manila Ocean Park, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and a number of shopping malls in the area. Lastly, Manila Pavilion Hotel is also ideal for business travelers participating in various conventions hosted in Manila such as the SMX Convention Center, the World Trade Center Metro Manila, and the Philippine International Convention Center. This is a modern, 22 storey building. This 4 star hotel is considered as a superior first class property. It has an excellent location where guests can enjoy the fitness center, swimming pool, and spa & massage facilities, business center and a casino. This property is recommended to all kinds of travelers.

Manila Pavilion Hotel is one of the safest hotels in which to stay in Manila. From body-searches to security cameras and bomb disposal training for its staff, guests have nothing to fear when visiting this hotel. At the heart of the main tourist and entertainment district the Manila Pavilion Hotel, offers excellent facilities and comfortable accommodation to suit the discerning traveler or business person. A good choice when visiting the capital city. At the heart of main tourist and entertainment districts is the Manila Pavilion Hotel where business executives and leisure travelers enjoy first class facilities, excellent service and Filipino hospitality. The hotel boast of 588 guest rooms including 32 suites and an Executive Floor. Three floors are designated (other options assigned, allocated, appointed) exclusively to non-smokers.

All rooms are equipped with cable TV, multi-channel radio, IDD telephone and mini-bar. Guest services include foreign exchange, transportation, laundry and valet, safety deposit box, medical clinic, travel agency, beauty salon and groom pad, sauna and massage, spa treatments, flower shop, boutiques and a gift shop. The Philippine capital is a city of warm smiles, vibrant culture and color contrasts. At the heart of main tourist and entertainment districts is the MANILA PAVILION HOTEL where business executives and leisure travelers enjoy first class facilities, excellent service and Filipino hospitality. One of the best Hotels in Manila, Manila Pavilion offers perfect stays to its guests. Manila Pavilion in Manila exemplifies rich heritage. With warm hospitality and the finest of facilities, Manila Pavilion scores over the other Hotels in Philippines.


The Manila Pavilion Hotel is a 588-room first class hotel located right at the middle of Manila's tourism, commercial and entertainment centers. Owned and managed by the Waterfront Philippines Inc., the hotel features rooms with bright colors and functional furnishings, creating a modern and elegant feel into its interiors. Originally built in 1968, this pioneering hotel witnessed some of the most glamorous events and social gatherings in Metro Manila. In the recent years, it has undergone a series of change in ownership and re-branding until just recently, in March 2013, Manila Pavilion Hotel completed a P500M renovation of its upper floor rooms designed by the internationally-renowned interior designer Sonia Santiago-Olivares. The manila pavilion hotel is one of the pioneering hotels in the is owned and operated by the Ace site (Phil’s.) Hotel Corporation (Ace site), a company listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

In 1968, Ace site (then known as the Delgado Brothers Hotel Corporation) opened the Manila Hilton Hotel under a management agreement with Hilton International. In 1988, a Hong Kong based group, Sino-I Technologies Limited, acquired majority control of the ace site and the hotel was renamed as the Manila pavilion Hotel, managed by CIM Hotel Management. In an effort to gain overseas market penetration, Ace site entered into a management contract with Holiday Inn Worldwide (HIWW) for the management contract with Holiday Inn Worldwide (HIWW) for the management of the hotel in 1995, and thus, the hotel was re-branded as the Holiday Inn Manila, HIWW, however, ended its contract in March 2003.

The hotel has since been renamed as the Manila Pavilion Hotel, independently managed at present by Ace site. In June 2004, Waterfront Phil’s., Inc. established its ownership and majority control over Ace site. The hotel is thus now part of the largest Filipino chain of lodging facilities, complementing the Waterfront hotels in Cebu City, Mactan and Davao City. The Manila Pavilion Hotel is located at the corner of United Nations Avenue and ma. Orosa St., in Ermita, right at the heart of Manila’s entertainment, tourist and business district. Each of the hotel’s 588 rooms comes complete with individually controlled air-conditioning, IDD telephone, satellite television, multi-channel radio, private bathroom, and bath tub and shower-all designed for guest comfort and Convenience.

The Manila Pavilion Hotels is located at the United Nations Avenue Corner Maria Orosa Street Ermita Manila. Manila Pavillion Hotel located opposite Rizal Park, and near the historic walled city of Intramuros, is 15-minutes away from the Philippine International Convention Center, World Trade Center and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. A golf club is only 10 mins from the hotel and Ninoy Aquino International Airport is a 10.6km drive away.


Manila Pavilion Hotels’ vision is to be the number 1 mid-market hotel in the Philippines. The hotel envisions itself to be the preferred and mid-market hotel in the Bay area by offering quality products coupled with warm, friendly and sincere service that makes happy and loyal customers. The establishment also aims to create and maintain an environmental of trust with all employees by developing and enabling them to think and act creatively and responsibly. And as a business entity, to generate a fair return on investment for all stockholders.

Waterfront Hotel Hotels and Casinos’ mission is to provide equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees for growth and advancement. To pursue relentlessly a means to capture and augment business with the highest level of integrity in the pursuit of profitability. To carry out company plans and programs with the highest degree of professionalism. To spearhead community based projects for the development of the tourism industry. To reach out to every customer with utmost passion, dedication and excellence. Waterfront Hotel Hotels and Casinos’ vision is to be the leader in the Tourism industry committed to provide the gracious Filipino hospitality towards total customer satisfaction.


To achieve the company’s success and general purpose, employees are entitled to have the discipline when it comes to work, have respect with the co-workers by practicing and incorporating professionalism in the work field. Having the integrity and commitment to pursue the company’s goals and success, being a pro-active part of the company has been one of the main keys to the success of the whole establishment.


Last April 25, 2014 we started our on-the Job Training at Manila pavilion Hotel, we are required to finish our 800hrs of training. On my first 360hrs, I was assigned at Steward Department which is the main duties and responsibilities are to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen or working area of the chef’s and washing all the used materials/utensils. I’m also in-charge of giving them their requested materials that they are needed for the preparation of the foods like plates, cutleries and trays.

For the next 440hrs, I spend it at Housekeeping Department. In my first week in this department I was assigned at Public Area which I had to maintain the cleanliness of the Guest restroom at the hotel lobby, perimeter (sweeping, picking of small garbage at hotel surroundings) dusting inside the lobby, mopping, and sweeping of the floors. For the following weeks I already assigned at the different floors with the help of the regular room attendant, we did room checking, make-up rooms, check-out and giving guest request.

Discussion of Findings/Analysis

Stewarding Department

On my first day in this department I was assigned in their storeroom where I need to arrange all the utensils, cutleries and glassware’s in the shelves. I’ve noticed that their storeroom is too small and crowded to place all the materials. When it comes to the working area, I’ve also noticed that the pots and pans in hot kitchen are not properly arranged and the over-flowing of floor drainage which can be cause slippery or accident in the work place. The space for the washing area for each kitchen was too small to move properly, the dishwasher machine is not always in good condition.

Housekeeping Department

In this Department I’ve noticed in the linen area that the uniforms of the regular and casual employees are not properly arrange. They also don’t have their own laundry machine for the soiled linens, uniforms and guest laundry which they needed to send it to the laundry shop outside the hotel and wait for next day to be delivered. The pantry (where linens and amenities are placed) of the superior floor (12, 14 and 15th floor) are not well maintained, it looks like an empty and scary room. The elevator used by the housekeeping staff is not always available because it’s also used by the construction workers of the hotel which can cause delaying of the operations.

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