“High Tide in Tucson” Barbara Kingsolver Essay

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“High Tide in Tucson” Barbara Kingsolver

This Essay is from her book of essays “High Tide in Tucson” in which Barbara Kingsolver shares her beliefs and her commitments – specifically, in family, community, the common good, cultural diversity, the world of children, and child rearing, which she lets in or rushes out to embrace all the wonders, beauties, threats, and angers that life and earth can offer. It also touches on many aspects and nuances that make life worth living; she is able to draw from her experiences to teach others the many life lessons that she has learned about child rearing. This excerpt from her book has a very personal tone; this closeness makes her story more realistic and believable. It is this sincerity and openness that makes the story warm. The author has been known as an advocate of nature. She devotes much respect to the other inhabitants of her world. Not only does she love Nature for the sake of life, but she is also is a mother fiercely trying protect the world’s natural beauty for her daughter to relish.

There is much life throughout this writing and she does a great job of portraying things as they are, without many of the biases that we find in society today. “Raising children is a patient alchemy,” she declares; Most important are Kingsolver’s reflections on her mission: because it aims to convey truths we know but can’t feel, “good art is political, whether it means to be or not. The attention she brings to the natural world in her writing accomplishes what good writing should: it expands the universe and brings critical attention to things we might otherwise take for granted or never have even thought about.

I’ve read a few of her essays and they are human and believable. (I.e. her feelings and thoughts about alternative families, feminism, sustainability and the environment) about; her 2-year-old daughter’s acts of defiance, and occasionally frustration at the state of the world in which we live she does so with passion. The essay gives a warm tribute to our animal nature and its ability to tune itself into the natural rhythms of life, despite ourselves and our absorption in a world full of wants.

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