Helping Others in Human Services Profession

A lot of factors have played a role in me pursuing a Human Services profession. I've generally been inspired by the longing to help other people and the craving to change their reality. When I was younger I always told myself “I didn’t want a boring desk job” I wanted a career that would be exciting and never a dull moment but also a career where I could help others. In social work, each day is totally extraordinary, and it continually keeps you on your toes.

I always wanted to stand up for people and their rights and I feel like this would be the ideal employment to do as such. Attempting to take care of social issues fills you with cheerfulness as you realize that you are endeavoring to improve the human race.

There were a lot of influences that helped me decide to study in this professional field. One of my close relatives had a business companion who was a social worker and she inspired me to explore my options in this field.

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She led me in the right direction to look at all my possibilities. I've generally been a solid communicator and a social butterfly, I also like fast-paced so a career in Human Services would be perfect for me. I’ve always had an interest in being a social worker and I am progressing in the direction of that.

Helping others makes me feel good about myself and it places me in a decent state of mind realizing that I've enhanced or improved another person's life.

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Helping others is my innate nature I think it has a great deal to do with how I was raised. I appreciate helping other people since it just comes normally to me In the event that the chance to help another person emerges, I naturally need to encourage them. I feel a sense of overall happiness and satisfaction when I can help others and I believe that it is a moral responsibility of every human being to help one another when in need. It gives a feeling of accomplishment. I also find that when you are helping others improve their quality of life at some level your own life is improved, I like making a difference. I like helping others because it gives me such an extraordinary feeling a proud and successful feeling that is just so great and makes me so much happier. Helping somebody is only a unique little something you think back on your life and say, 'I'm so happy I did this'.

My goal in Human Services is to develop myself to become a great social worker, learning as much as I can about the role and about how I can best serve other’s needs I might want to create to the point that I turn into that go-to individual whom others depend on. And eventually, I would like to become a leader and mentor to help others developing in their respective roles. Learning is essential to me, I want to continue learning techniques that will help me improve and make me a better social worker. I would like to enhance my communication and motivation skills, I know these are important characteristics of being a social worker.

Working as a social worker I plan to achieve numerous things and to make the lives of individuals much better. I would like to help individuals in need, Families with kids, and abused woman in within the community. The young generation faces numerous of difficulties right now I want to help children by going down the right path in their lives, also I see myself educating foster parents on how to be equipped foster parents. I might want to bring another social gathering to offer help and support to local people. I want to be able to bring some type of peace to people that are suffering. I would also hope to open a place where abused women and children can come to feel safe and maybe start some type of counseling and have somewhere to stay for a couple of days. These are some of the things I want to achieve in my job.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021
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