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Helicopter Parents

If you are willing to give your child more freedom and not over-reacted, your children will be more willing to tell you things happened around them, ‘Helicopter parents’ has become a social problem in recent years. We must understand the reason behind and try to cope with the problem. In conclusion, communication between parents and children are important. If parents and children are willing ...

Helicopter Experiment

If more time was available, a string could have been hung from the ceiling as a mark of height therefore allowing us to accurately drop the helicopter from the same height, rather than dropping it from an *estimated* 2m. The solution for the wrong human reaction time could be easily solved by the use of light gates. The liht gates could be placed on the floor, and when the helicopter lands, the li...

Helicopter Parenting

All in all, taking care of kids too closely will cause some bad results. In the future, children will be unable to decide by themselves because in the past they always rely heavily on their parents. Moreover, being a parent will be a bad thing for ones' lives. Personally, I think that taking care of children so closely is a good thing, but this become uncommon in today societies. In some cultures,...

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HELICOPTER AERODYNAMICSAll explanations is based on counter clockwise rotating rotors viewed

12. HELICOPTER AERODYNAMICS(All explanations is based on counter clockwise rotating rotors viewed from above)12.1 HELICOPTER TERMS‚· PLANE OF ROTATIONThe plane in which the rotor blades travel. The plane of rotation is perpendicular to axis ofrotation. In a stable hover flight the shaft axis and axis of rotation will coincide. (See axis ofrotation below)‚· AXIS OF ROTATIONThe line through th...

Literature reviewSauter examined the deployment of swarm of

The thesis, therefore, proposes the use of set of swarming Arial agents do 3d image coverage in the same time for specific urban area. One 3D merged picture about the environment result from the swarm drones. The swarm drones should coordination between them during the image coverage and keep to the optimum formation to insure enlarge the area of the interest during the swarming.Methodolog...

The Looming Bay

In MI-17 helicopters there is a hydraulic tank of 15 liters which carries the hydraulic oil so that the hydraulic system will work properly. There is also a drainage tank of 3 liters so that the fuel which gets wasted will deposited in the drainage tank. The hydraulic oil which is used for MI-17 helicopters is OM-15. This hydraulic oil can be used up to 110 degrees Celsius, after that temperature ...


The final results showed that not all goals and goals set at the beginning of the project were achieved. Although a completely autonomous flight was not achieved, the team has made significant progress in developing a low cost, low crew, unmanned aircraft and the introduction of a camera system. Several design iterations were performed to create a hexacopter most appropriate to the project objecti...

The Physics of Paper Helicopters

Although my results have been quite consistent and predictable, I think that there has been one weakness consistent throughout the coursework. This was the flexibility of the paper used. The smallest of touches could deform the paper, and subsequently alter the wings. I would have liked to have been able to measure the revolutions per minute of the helicopter, as I think this would have led to som...

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