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Helicopter Parents

I am writing in response to the article “Interfering parents ‘damaging children’”. This article said that some parents are far too conscious about their children and they try to monitor their every single action. These parents may force them to ‘friend’ them on facebook account, or even checking their text messages. They are called ‘helicopter parents as they keep on tracking their children. I understand that parents care about their children. They do not want their children to get hurt…...

Helicopter Experiment

Prediction: As the mass on the helicopter’s copters increases, the speed taken for the rotors to spin down faster, this is because there will be more downward pull from gravity, as the terminal velocity for a paper helicopter is low. Variables: Independent variable will be the mass that we change throughout the experiment. The dependant variable will be the time that we measure for the helicopter to reach the floor. Finally the controlled variables include, the helicopter itself. As well…...

Helicopter Parenting

Taking care of children can be bad for a family. The relation in a family might depend upon how much time they spend with each other, but it become worse when parents are not aware whether what they are doing is reasonable for everyone in the family or not. The act of taking care of children closely, or “helicopter parenting”, is not common for modern societies. Helicopter parenting has a negative consequence to families because children may be unable to…...

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HELICOPTER AERODYNAMICSAll explanations is based on counter clockwise rotating rotors viewed

12. HELICOPTER AERODYNAMICS(All explanations is based on counter clockwise rotating rotors viewed from above)12.1 HELICOPTER TERMS‚· PLANE OF ROTATIONThe plane in which the rotor blades travel. The plane of rotation is perpendicular to axis ofrotation. In a stable hover flight the shaft axis and axis of rotation will coincide. (See axis ofrotation below)‚· AXIS OF ROTATIONThe line through the rotor head always at right angles (90 degrees) to the plane of rotation.The blades rotate around this axis.‚· ROTORSHAFT AXISThe line…...

Literature reviewSauter examined the deployment of swarm of

Literature review(Sauter) examined the deployment of swarm of small aerial vehicles or agents for search missions in large areas, and found that swarming of small aerial vehicles or agent shares virtual digital pheromone maps, which are used to generate detailed 3D images during search and rescue missions. The small aerial vehicles or agents share a virtual pheromone map showing recently visited areas through higher rates of pheromone. This digital pheromone guides the small aerial agents (or UAVs) to unexplored zones;…...

The Looming Bay

It is a bay in which all helicopter wires or we can say loom (bunch of wires) are repaired. When the helicopters come for the servicing or overhauling all the looms are detached from the helicopter and send to the looming bay. Here first the aircraft comes to the aircraft division and here the helicopter is disassembled, and the respective parts are sent to their division for repairing or overhauling. So, in the looming bay all looms are repaired like…...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Abstract: Surveillance is crucial for the detection, search and rescue of individuals and spying on enemy territory. In recent days, monitoring by helicopters and other aircraft has been carried out by means of on-board controls. Recently, however, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gained in popularity and are an excellent resource that can be used for surveillance tasks. With this combined use of drones, this project sought to create an autonomous or semi-autonomous UAV that is cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to…...

The Physics of Paper Helicopters

In my physics coursework I intend to study 'paper helicopters'. A paper helicopter is a piece of plain A4 paper that has been folded, so that when dropped, it spins whilst falling to the ground. Below is a picture of one of the helicopters used. The top half of the piece of paper is cut down the middle, creating the two wings, and then the rest of the piece of paper is folded up to make the body of the…...

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