Healthcare Management: Functions and Diversity

Functions and Functions

Management is a major element in every organization. Management is "the process of arranging, preparation, controlling making use of resources, and resulting in achieve efficiency goals" (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & & kramer, 2007, p. 5). Most managers follow comparable functions and functions that help ensure that the company circulation is consistent and organisation moves along smoothly. In the healthcare setting management have four major functions in which the managers assist in so that employees can work towards common goals. All supervisors, despite level are accountable for the following functions: organizing the process of delegating, allowing, and coordinating, preparing the process of figuring out actions, performance objectives, and decision maker.

Managing the procedure of comparing outcomes, taking corrective actions, and collect and analyze work efficiency, and last leading the process of constructing commitments, encouraging activities that supports business objectives, and fulfill and accomplish goals.

The 4 major functions has actually assisted, companies globally to attain high performance goals and quotas. For many service, high performance measures organizational success, and the supervisors are accountable for guaranteeing its achievement.

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In the organization in which I work, I witness all four of the functions used daily. My supervisors every day arrange schedules to accommodate the senses. If the senses are low than the managers will have to cut the labor when mean send employees home previously. I have experienced my supervisor plan in ahead by adding additional people to set up to ensure performance. As we any organization there are employees who attempts to defy the organizations rules, but I have seen initially had how the managers utilize function of control to bring back order.

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Leading in the organization in that I work for is one in which I am leery about. Allow me to rephrase the leaders who manage my department are questionable. The leaders in this organization could be success but they do not have worked ethics about themselves, but that is not the issue here. Applying these functions at the organization, which I am employed, if properly trained can enhance, the unity of the organization, the flow, and the line of communication. Health care management and leaders value a diversified workforce. Workforce diversity “describes demographic differences among employees, principally differences in age, race, ethnicity, able-bodies, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation” (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & kramer, 2007, p.5).

The organization I work for is overwhelmingly cultural diverse and its enjoyable. Yet there are always barriers, such barriers as prejudice, including absurd notion of other associates who are unlike themselves. Its discrimination, and it can result in the glass ceiling affect it prevents the less likely and minorities from exceling. This is a horrible characteristic to have, but it happens way too often. The most significant aspect related to health care management that I hope to gain from taking this course better time management, and to develop leadership skills. I hope that I can be a manager who can empower associates and have a common goal.


Lombardi, D. J., Schermerhorn, J. R., & kramer, B. (2007). health care management: Tools an techniques for managing in a health care environment . Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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