Health care Essay Topics

Ethical Issue Presentation in the Elderly Do Not Resuscitate/Do Not Intubate

The persistent use of the DNR/DNI order proves to be very perplexing to health care staffs. Even though ethics committees could help in explanation, and the use of developed orders could further identify the patients’ wishes, patient as well as family education is still crucial to determine what the patient actually desires. As technology progresses,… View Article

Ethical Issue on Do Not Resuscitate/Do Not Intubate

In cases of cardiac or respiratory arrest, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals conduct resuscitation, which is a medical procedure meant to restore cardiac function in such cases (The Cleveland Clinic Department of Bioethics, 2005). DNR, or “do not resuscitate” is an order that prohibits resuscitation to individuals who gave the order (The Cleveland Clinic… View Article

Ethical and Legal Systems of Health Care Organizations

Aetna Incorporated, a health care plan company, is one of the American leading companies in diversified benefits of a range of traditional and consumer directed health care insurance services. It includes vast service offerings in health care insurance from mental and behavioral health to long-term care benefits and other health-related care and concerns . (Aetna,… View Article

Health care in America

Healthcare in America is seemingly, chronically an issue of finances. Whether or not the hospital has it or the family of an ill patient has it, it becomes prudent to note that without the country’s currency rubbing the right palms, healthcare becomes an issue, especially for the financially strapped family. Lack of finance equals care-giver… View Article

Vicarious Liability

I.  Case Summary of Pope v. Winter Park Healthcare Group, Ltd The parties in this suit are Preston and Ginger Pope and the Winter Park Healthcare Group Limited.  The spouses Pope filed a medical malpractice suit against Winter Park, Dr. McMahan, and Dr. Wolford.  Plaintiffs claimed that the hospital is vicariously liable for the negligence… View Article

Escalating Costs of Social Health Insurance

Unlike any other country in the world, the United States continually experience rising cost of healthcare provision. Wolfe (1999) reports that healthcare costs has been increasing at a high rate for decades, it is estimated that every 40 months, the share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) spent on healthcare goes up by 1 percent. Health… View Article

Converting Paper Records to a Computer Based Health Record

Traditional utilization of paper based medical records leads to the dispersion of clinical information as a result of the heterogeneous character of hospital systems. Due to this, the development of a clinical information system that can integrate hospital information as well as enable cooperation amongst legacy systems became a difficult task. System integration as well… View Article

Gag Clauses

For the past ten years, the Health Management Organizations (HMO), who is responsible on the health care programs, had imposed a new system that restrict and inhibit physicians in communicating to their patients. (Wynn, 1996) This is known as ‘gag clause”. The physician must not discuss the medical condition and all treatment options of their… View Article

Electronic Health Records

The medical and healthcare field is characterized with the cumbersome practice of obtaining and maintaining extensive documentation of patient information. Medical staff, physicians and healthcare practitioners are legally responsible to maintain a comprehensive, efficient as well as effective way to collect, maintain and archive patient information. Traditionally, this process of information collection and maintenance was… View Article

Elasticity of Demand: Health Care

In most countries, health care is the most noteworthy constituent of total government expenditures. Thus, improved concern over public sector deficits has been a strong impulsion for health care reform. It is often hard to extricate economic realities from ideological pursuits, but a further factor contributing to calls for health care reform has expected been… View Article

Economics of Preventive Health care

In order to fully appreciate the magnitude of determining cost effectiveness in healthcare outcomes management and planning, a short primer on healthcare economics is required (Block, 2006). According to Block, many professional programs do not teach the basic concepts and theories of healthcare economics as part of the medical school curriculum in the applied medical… View Article

Hesitation of Managed Care to Use Data Mining

One of the biggest hesitations would have to be cost to build an implement such a system. The technique depends on an organization having “clean” data to analyze, which requires data being scrubbed and moved to data warehouses. Many payers lack the money and manpower to build and maintain these warehouses. (Kongstvedt, P., Capagemini). In… View Article

Process Medicare

To start off this paper will discuss the process of a policy in Medicaid and how it becomes a policy. Medicaid Policies are always being reviewed and analyzed in order to help improve the American health care system. Each policy does and has the ability to affect us on a daily basis, so when policies… View Article

Document Imaging and the Role of Health Information Management

An automated record system will ultimately replace paper-based record to provide timely access to health information for health surveillance, resource planning, and health care delivery (e. g. , statistical reports can easily be generated to display health care trends, and so on) (Green & Bowie, 2004). According to Green & Bowie (2004), there are three… View Article

Discrimination of Micronesians in Hawaii

Since the COFA (Compact of Free Association) Act was formalized between the Pacific Island nations of Micronesia and the United States in 1986, there have been rising influxes of Micronesian citizens that have the privilege of entering the U. S. without the need for a visa or time limit. These FAS (Freely Associated States) include… View Article

JCS Technology

I. Introduction JCS Technology is a small IT company that is owned by Steve Puzder. Steve employs ten employees of which six are full time, two are part time, and two are contractors. JCS Technology has been in business for 5 years. All the employees have been with JCS Technology for 5 years. The six… View Article

Process Centered Organizations

Process Centered Organizations are planned to create maximum value, innovation and development. A Process Centered Organization can sustain its processes at a high level. A process centered organizational design sorts out the best blend of structure and process. By carrying out a process-centered cycle, healthcare organizations can achieve their goals by changing the way workflow… View Article

SDG Medical Center and Health Care Services

The SDG was established by a group of dedicated medical professionals with a common vision to administer medical care of the highest order, and to make SDG the leading provider of health care in the locality. With full conviction that the patient’s total health needs is the primary concern of the hospital, it recognizes therefore,… View Article

Mexican American Approaches to Health

Mexican American, or Latino, traditional views on health and healing practices are influenced by several other cultures that they have historically had some kind of contact with, such as the Spanish colonizers, indigenous Indian populations, and Western medical practitioners. This varied background accounts for their holistic healing methods and their belief that good health stems… View Article

Summary of Australian Local People

Summary The reading from the above source has 2 different chapters which include cultural vitality and cultural shock. The majority of chapter 4 is interpreting the potential rules and regulations inside the Aboriginal community structure. The topic was raised from a very basic topic which is the decision making among families and communities in order… View Article

‘Closing the Gap’ for Indigenous Australians

The issue of ‘Closing the Gap’ for Indigenous Australians is addressed through each aspect of the 1986 Ottawa Charter as it provides a framework upon which to base numerous policies and procedures which tackle the implementation of social justice principles in relation to health promotion. Developing personal skills enables individuals to access information and become… View Article

Minute Clinic

1) There are four promotion strategies for the intangible services. The first one is stressing tangible cues. A tangible cue is a concrete symbol of the service offering. The facilities that customers visit or from which services are delivered, are a critical tangible part of the total service offering. Minute Clinic healthcare centers are open… View Article

Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Service Workers

Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Service Workers Human service workers are people who are chosen to work with people. Human service workers help clients become more self-sufficient. The workers are there to help what issues the client is currently experiencing to be handled with some ease. Human services workers evaluate and plan, put… View Article

Philosophy of Healthcare

This paper analyzes seven view points on the topic of Philosophy of Healthcare. The seven view points are blended into this paper by discussing what factors highly influenced my decision to choose healthcare as my set profession in life. Also discussing the Nature of Mankind, stating a few qualities that are highly important in our… View Article

Healer and Healing: a Study on Khasi Health Care System

This is particularly in our societies where one medical system along cannot adequately meet the health needs of the entire population. In the present time most of the people live in a medically plural society. So their health seeking behavior is an important side of human being. Through gathering information, to find out the indigenous… View Article

Economic Issues

Castor Collins Health Plans, a regional health maintenance organization (HMO), in the state of Pantome provides HMO health insurance and health care services to enrollees through its statewide network of physicians and hospitals. E-Editors, a company with 1600 employees has asked Castor Collins to find an employee health insurance plan that accepts preexisting conditions at… View Article

Improving Patient Safety by Utilizing Information Technology

As the push towards patient safety increases with regulatory agencies such as the Florida Agency for Healthcare administration (ACHA) and The Joint Commission (TJC), formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), highlighting the need for higher qualities of standard, hospitals such as Memorial Hospital Pembroke in Hollywood Florida are interested in finding… View Article

Meaningful Use

In 2009 the HITECH Act was enacted with the purpose to improve health for Americans; however satisfying the requirements of the Act potentially reduces the quality of the care given to the patient due to the increased burdens placed on providers. Providers must purchase Electronic Health Record (EHR) Technology and comply with Meaningful Use (1)…. View Article