Hang It Up Essay

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Hang It Up

Should students bring electronic devices to school? Some people agree with that, and some others are not; opinions are widely divided. In the article “Hang It Up,” by Jesse Scaccia, students who have electronic devices in class can affect their performance. Scaccia gives us a couple of examples. First, children have cellphones are distracted. Also, the reason children want to take cellphones to school is that cells make them look cool. Lastly, some parents say that they need to keep in touch with their children for an emergency. I strongly agree with the author when he states that cell phone use distracts students’ attention.

First, I believe that cell phone use in class is distractions because it may cause children fail the class and not having a bright future. Most people do not have self-control, especially children. As the author mentions, “students fail is because of distractions in the classroom.” Children take cells will be distracted in classroom; by the end of semester, they will get low grade or fail the class because they do not have enough knowledge. After several of failures, students will put themselves become bad students, so a bad student may not go to college; it directly affects their future. However, if students do not have electronic devices distract them, they will learn more in class, and it will affect them in a positive future.

Also, the bad habits will formed when children use cell phone since they are young. Children have electronic devices may develop bad habit which is disrespectful to others. For example, my friend and I ate at a restaurant last week. There was a couple sitting next to us, the boy was sitting there and playing with his cellphone, and had no conversation with his girlfriend, even his girlfriend complained to him. So, his bad habit probably formed when he was young. Otherwise, if he could put his cellphone away and talk to his girlfriend, that could be a nice dinner for them.

As you can see, children take electronic devices to class is not only affect their grade in school; but also affects their habits in the future, and have a good habits is your first step towards success.

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