Growing Up with a Single Parent

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A parent may be single due to death, divorce or some other type of separation. Whatever the reason may be, many children are suffering miserably from growing up with only one parent. The reduction of two-parent households has caused many problems for children during their uprising. Children raised in a single-parent household lack a role model to emulate, reduced financial resources, lack of security, and one less crucial emotional relationship.

Firstly, kids growing up in single-parent homes do not have the opportunity to emulate both parents.

When there is only one parent in a household, the children will not experience their missing parents' behavior and strengths and even weaknesses. Humans imitate one another, so if kids do not have both parents to observe, they may not know how to act in a reasonable manner. A daughter will miss out on her mother's feminine behavior; a son will miss out on his father's masculine behavior. Without that example, they will develop in a manner that may not be socially acceptable.

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When there is only one parent in a household, the children will miss the experience of how their parents interrelate with one another. Children will not see how parents support each other, how they fight and resolve disputes or the genuine affection between two loving parents. Children will most certainly miss seeing the daily interchange between a man and woman in a loving relationship. Along with not learning how to properly interact with people of the same gender as their missing parent, the absence of a parent also comes with financial insecurities.

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Furthermore, It is far more common for one-parent families to be financially despondent. One-parent families generally struggle more financially. Most single parents work long hours in order to meet the financial needs of their families. The financial resources needed to run a household and raise children can be quite costly. Also, there may be times children are denied certain needs or desires than that which are provided to children in a two-parent household. In most situations, single parents have to juggle just to provide for basic financial commitments. The income of single-parent families often is unable to take the opportunities that are generally available to 2-parent families. For example, participation in sports, school clubs or even furthering their education. Dreams can be cut short due to the many financial concerns. Some children spend more time working to support their families than on their education. They are also more likely to experience the daily struggles of living poorly. The lone parent may encounter additional problems such as getting sick or laid-off, without a second income for backup. This creates insecure feelings towards the financial future of these children. A child will realize that he was not given the opportunity to enjoy many of the benefits that come along with financial security. The demise of his or her financial security might be overwhelmed by the emotional insecurity caused by a missing parent.

Emotional problems can develop as a result of an absent parent. Even when at home, the lone parent will have daily responsibilities, such as cooking, cleaning, or paying bills which will take time away from their children when they need them. Children with one parent may not feel cared for because a single parent is too busy to tend to their basic needs. This can create feelings of neglect which will put a constant strain on both parent and child. Also, children of single parents are more likely to suffer from self-esteem issues. Although unintentional, parents may have trouble finding a balance between the needs of the children and the demands of everyday life. Children are left craving more affection. In addition, children may be unaware of how to meet expectations in their future relationships. Children in single-parent households are at times inadequately supervised. Oftentimes the kids have to learn how to be more independent and take care of themselves at a younger age. There is a greater possibility of more injuries or getting into legal trouble, because of the lack of supervision.

Many children that are being raised in one-parent households lack an example of good role models to follow. More children are experiencing financial distress which only exacerbates their emotional problems. Adults should think about the environment in which they can raise their children before procreating. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that contribute.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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